Monthly Archives: May 2009

Pasta with Asparagus and Arugula

Mellow asparagus and bold arugula contrast nicely in this simple yet delicious pasta dish. It’s perfect springtime fare, though you can enjoy it year round. Complete the meal simply with a big salad (add chickpeas or beans for protein) and a fresh whole grain bread.

Spring Greens Salad with Endives and Oranges

Here’s a lovely and refreshing salad with tender greens and tiny oranges.

Leek and Potato Soup with Watercress

Peppery, bright green watercress adds a touch of spring to a classic soup. If you can make this the night before it’s needed, so much the better, as the flavors improve from standing overnight.

Leafy Greens of Spring

The distinct flavors of leafy vegetables such as arugula, sorrel, watercress, and others can be an invigorating treat for palates grown accustomed to the mild roots and squashes abundant in the cold season. Most spring greens are tender enough to use uncooked or very lightly steamed—all the better to showcase their clean, fresh flavors. Explore […]

enLIGHTened by Jessica Berger Gross

EnLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 pounds with a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapple, and a Beagle-Pointer* by Jessica Berger Gross (Skyhorse Publishing, NY) is perfect bedside fare, easy on the eyes and relaxing to read. The author chronicles her long struggle with up-and-down weight, from childhood into early adulthood.

Vegetable Fritters

This preparation is similar to tempura, except that the batter-dipped vegetables are sautéed in a small amount of oil, rather than deep-fried. Though this is presented as an appetizer, it would also be a welcome vegetable side dish, especially for enticing picky eaters.