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White Bean and Spinach Burgers

A mild yet flavorful vegan burger, this combination of white beans and spinach is equally good in pita sandwiches, on English muffins or rolls, or served without any bread at all. Embellish with your favorite fixings — lettuce, sliced tomatoes, hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, vegan mayo, etc. Kids who are open to green foods might enjoy eating […]

Oven-Barbecued Tofu and Potato Skewers

These simple kebabs of tofu and potatoes, threaded onto skewers and slathered with sauce is like an outdoor summer barbecue, all year round. If you use an all-natural brand of barbecue sauce, this is a 3-ingredient recipe. If you make your own, which is highly recommended, it’s not much more time-consuming. Serve with a green veggie (like […]

Le Potager du Marais in Paris: Elegant Veg/Vegan Dining

Paris, like New York, San Francisco, London, and other big cities, has become melting pot, a trend reflected by its eateries. Pizza and pasta, every imaginable Asian cuisine (including Thai, Vietnamese, Tibetan, and Indonesian), Greek, Middle Eastern, and even American style Tex-Mex are amply represented all around the city. Most all of these offer plenty […]


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