Monthly Archives: November 2010

Mom’s “Tofuna”-Noodle Skillet

Here’s a vegan version of the vintage tuna-noodle casserole that evokes 1950s TV moms in shirtwaist dresses, wearing pearls. Firm and chewy baked tofu stands in for the tuna. The first few time I made this, I baked it, which tends to dry it out quite a bit. No really reason to bake it, as all the […]

Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms

‘Shrooms With a Brew: Sustainably Grow Your Own Gourmet Mushrooms It was Spring ’09 and we were fourth years at UC Berkeley. Both of us had offers in corporate America. Investment banking and consulting seemed to be the futures waiting for us after graduation. All that changed one day after listening to a lecture in one […]

Cranberry-Pear Wild Rice Stuffing

Wild rice adds a wonderful texture to this stuffing, and the slight sweetness of dried cranberries lends a delicious flavor. This is an ideal stuffing for winter squashes, and used that way makes for a dazzling holiday main dish. Photos by Hannah Kaminsky.

Sourdough Stuffing with Pine Nuts and Raisins

This tasty and simple vegan sourdough stuffing is good on its own or stuffed into winter squashes, or green or red bell peppers. It’s most welcome at holiday meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but is welcome any time you want a cool-weather comfort food. 

Pueblo Corn Pie

Here’s a recipe I’ve made many times over the years as a Thanksgiving main dish. It’s one of my family’s favorites, so I made sure to include it in Vegan Holiday Kitchen. This layered casserole of cooked cornmeal topping a tasty bean chili is adapted from a Native American recipe. Photo by Rebbeca Crump of Ezra Poundcake. […]

Juice Power (from your blender) by Teoorah Shaleahk

Juice Power (from your blender)* by Teoorah B.N. Shaleakh is a compact little book that immediately appealed to me, because though I like the idea of juicing, I don’t like juicers. The recipes in this book use the whole fruit (except in the case of citrus, of course) or vegetable, and often in unexpected combinations. So […]

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Here’s a vegan version of the very slightly sweet, traditional Southern sweet potato biscuits. This is a perfect companion to hearty vegetable or bean stews, and a nice addition to the winter holiday table.

Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen by Vicki Chelf

Vicki’s Vegan Kitchen* is the latest book by Vicki Chelf. Few people are a better walking advertisement for the plant-based lifestyle than this vibrant and creative woman, who is a talented artist in addition to being a wonderful food writer.