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Eggplant Matzo Mina

Matzo minas are layered vegetable casseroles served at Sephardic Passover Seders. This one can be aptly described as a matzo lasagna. Many variations are made by Sephardic Jews of various cultures. This one is of definite Italian influence, and will certainly remind you of an eggplant lasagna.

Warm Potato and Fennel Salad with Parsley Sauce

This warm potato salad is bathed in a richly flavored parsley sauce, and gets a lovely anise flavor form fresh fennel.

Vegan Passover Seder Recipes and Menus

These vegan Passover Seder recipes and menus (great for vegetarians too) focus on the fresh produce of early spring — very fitting, as the holiday has connotations of renewal and rebirth. Though there’s flexibility in what may be served for the meal itself, there are also many restrictions. Ashkenazic Jews avoid, aside from bread-related products, […]

Sautéed Carrots with Almonds

This simple side dish brings color and natural sweetness to the dinner plate, and is one of my favorite dishes to serve with a Passover or Jewish New Year dinner.

Passover Pineapple Crumble

Matzo meal makes a perfect crumble topping for a fruity dessert to round out the Passover meal.

Chocolate Matzo Brittle

This is very rich, but is an excellent way to use your surplus of matzo; a little goes goes a long way. Adapted from Vegan Holiday Kitchen by Nava Atlas. Photos by Hannah Kaminsky.

Sweet and Sour Artichoke Hearts

This simple side dish of stewed artichoke hearts is traditional to the Sephardic Passover tables of several countries, including Turkey.

Kansha by Elizabeth Andoh

[Contributed by Adriana Pope, reprinted from Vegan Corner] I had the pleasure of speaking with Elizabeth Andoh while she was in Osaka, Japan preparing for her upcoming US book tour. Her newly released cookbook Kansha: Celebrating Japan’s Vegan and Vegetarian Traditions* focuses on the ancient Buddhist philosophy of using every part of your ingredients in the cooking […]