Monthly Archives: July 2011

Summer Squash and Broccoli Relish Salad

This simply yet tasty salad of yellow summer squash and broccoli goes well with veggie burgers, pasta dishes, and spicy grain or bean dishes. And— dare I say it—this might be just the kind of salad to entice younger eaters, helped along with the hint of sweetness from pickle relish.

Melted (Vegan) Cheese, Please

There’s just something comforting and kid-friendly about melted cheese. If the kids in question are vegan or lactose-intolerant, or, if you’re just trying to cut back on dairy based foods, there are many wonderful options these days. Here are just a few: Follow Your Heart’s Vegan Gourmet is soy-based and comes in cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey […]

Vegan Diets: Helping Your Body Heal Itself

In his book, Get Healthy, Go Vegan,* physician Neal Barnard made an astonishing observation regarding how diet impacts our health. According to Barnard, meals laden with meat and dairy have caused a surge in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other life-threatening ailments.

Sea Vegetables—Varieties and Best Uses

Sea vegetables are getting more attention now that sushi is so popular. For thousands of years, cooks on every continent have made flavorful meals from sea vegetables—soup, stews, garnishes, condiments, and even desserts. Sea vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins and low in calories. You may also find that eating sea vegetables satisfies your […]

Vinegar Varieties

Vinegar, from the French words vin (“wine”) and aigre (“sour”), has been made since ancient times by fermenting various liquids. There are numerous types of vinegar, from the cheap, harsh white distilled vinegar to precious varieties, such as well-aged balsamic vinegar that can cost up to one hundred dollars a bottle. Here’s a brief overview of […]

Brown Rice: Cooking Tips and Varieties

Here’s a quick guide on how to cook brown rice as well and how to use some of its varieties. For a wide range of delicious and easy brown rice recipes, visit our Brown Rice Recipes page. With its nutty taste and chewy texture, brown rice doesn’t fade into the background of dishes as does […]

Roasted Root Vegetable Soup

I make roasted vegetables at least once a week all winter. It’s so pleasant to warm the house, to make it smell good, and then to have that panful of roasted vegetables that could be boring but now are glazed with olive oil and sherry, sweetly caramelized, dark brown around the edges. If possible, use […]

Late Summer Fruit Salad with Agave-Mint Dressing

Late-summer fruits can be lush and ripe, but are often past their peak of flavor. I like my midsummer fruit salads plain, but by late summer, fruit salads can use the help of a sauce to enliven the flavors.