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Harvest Medley Pasta

Though this dish calls for only a half-pound of pasta, it’s so chock-full of vegetables (as well as beans) that it makes a heaping quantity. It’s a great way to serve pasta in the fall, but you can enjoy it in the winter as well. Photos by Evan Atlas.

Blue Mountain Organics Frozen Cashew Cream

One of the perks of running a big vegan site like VegKitchen is receiving all kinds of goodies to review. One such special treat arrived recently in its own little foam reusable cooler. Blue Mountain Organics makes a line of raw cashew-based ice creams, and I’m here to tell you that they are amazing.

The Vegucation of Marisa Miller Wolfson

The writer, director, editor of the documentary Vegucated did not descend “from the planet Vega to convert the mere earthling.”  Marisa Miller Wolfson started out as a midwest girl with a fondness for bacon.  Along the way, she became “a professional eco-nudger”  and dedicated vegan. How?  “It didn’t take much,” Wolfson recalls.  It took seeing […]

Spinach and Basil Pesto

Spinach, in combination with basil, makes a less intensely-flavored pesto sauce. Some may enjoy this milder flavor, whether served traditionally on pasta, or as a topping for potatoes or an offbeat dressing for potato salad, on grains, or as a garnish for soup.

Mixed Mushrooms Pasta Stroganoff

Mushroom lovers will revel in this earthy yet elegant vegan presentation of stroganoff, featuring a multitude of mushrooms in a creamy sauce, served over pasta. Consider looking for morels, which contribute a particularly “meaty” texture to the dish. Not that we want to imitate meat, but morels are delicious in their own right.

Mixed Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna has a timeless appeal, and is always such a hit, whether you make it for your family or company. For this vegan version, you can vary the vegetables used below —eggplant, broccoli, and chard are all good substitutions. Any vegetables used should be lightly steamed or sautéed first. Because I’m lazy, I use no-boil lasagna noodles, which […]

Callaloo-Style Vegetable Soup

This luscious soup pairs colorful vegetables with a spicy coconut broth. To make it more substantial, add the optional kidney beans.  Some cooked rice added to the bottom of each bowl is another good addition for turning it into a one-dish meal.  This recipe is from Vegan Fire & Spice* by Robin Robertson © 2008, Vegan Heritage Press. Photo by […]

Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan Breakfast Recipes and Tips

A healthy day starts with breakfast. It is important to eat something sustaining in the morning. Following are some of our favorite vegan breakfast choices. But first, here are some pointers you can use regardless of whether you eat your morning meal at home or out. Keep in mind that while there are some dishes […]

Mixed Grain Griddlecakes

These vegan pancakes are made with a variety of flours and meals — cornmeal, whole wheat, and more — making for a hearty stack.

Ultimate Oatmeal

Ultimate Oatmeal provides an excellent example of how easy it is to upgrade familiar dishes. Here oats are enhanced with oat bran, wheat germ and flaxseed. The recipe is purposely proportioned to produce a thick porridge that can handle a generous amount of soy milk. If a thinner cereal is preferred, add additional freshly boiled […]

Fruit-In-The-Middle Muffins

Here’s a vegan muffin, perfect for breakfast, that is completely fruit sweetened.

Cauliflower, Carrot, and Olive Salad

Here’s an easy salad of lightly cooked cauliflower and raw carrots, with lots of extra flavor from parsley, olives, and sunflower seeds. This works well with a compatible hearty salad like Tabbouli. Add store-bought or homemade hummus and warm pita bread, and you’ve got a great warm-weather meal.


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