Family-Friendly Vegan Dinner Recipes (pdf e-book)

Family-friendly Vegan Dinner Recipes e-book coverFamily-Friendly Vegan Dinner Recipes: For families with vegan and vegetarian kids and teens — and anyone who loves simple, hearty fare. More families than ever are going vegetarian or vegan. Here is a selection of easy, tasty recipes to help the plant-strong members of your family eat well and thrive! For this compact collection, these recipes were chosen for their popularity on the site — those dishes that are the most viewed, month after month. While these recipes have proven themselves as kid-friendly favorites, there’s no reason that adults can’t enjoy them as well, spiced up to suit individual tastes. More than 20 full-color photos included. See entire contents under the cart buttons. more →


Avocado Recipes – Nutritious and Delicious

avocados and limes

Avocados don’t just taste great, they’re also packed with loads of nutrients. These green fruits provide folate, vitamins B, C, K and E, fiber, niacin, potassium and more. If you want a food that is going to give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs every day, grab yourself an avocado! The monounsaturated fats help your body absorb the nutrients from other foods as well. more →