Skillet Berry-Apple Crumble

Skillet apple-berry crumble

Berries and apples are my favorite fruit combination in crumbles and cobblers. I try to have blueberries and cranberries as often as possible for their powerful antioxidant goodness. Here’s a way to enjoy a delectable crumble, minus the 30 minute baking time usually required. The twist here is that it’s made on the stovetop rather than baked in the oven. This recipe originally appeared in Vegan Express. Photo by Susan Voisin, FatFree Vegan Kitchen. more →


Baked Tofu, Arugula, and Olive Wraps

Arugula, tofu, and olive wraps


Baby arugula livens up the flavor of these simple wraps featuring baked tofu, crisp cucumber, and olives. It’s quick and delicious and makes for a great portable lunch or an easy dinner entree served with soup, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and/or corn on the cob, depending on appetite.

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Valencian-Style Rice and Red Beans

valencian rice and red beans

A Spanish-inspired recipe, this dish of brown rice and red beans is a great for busy weeknights, when you want something easy and hearty. The key is to have the rice cooked ahead of time, but even if you don’t, it’s still not a daunting task. Briny olives perk up the mellow flavor of brown rice and beans. Serve with steamed broccoli or cauliflower, and if you’d like, some pan-grilled polenta slices like you see in the photo. In either case, serve a simple green salad on the side and finish with sliced seedless oranges. more →