Ellen Kanner

Arugula Pasta with Salsa Cruda

Arugula pasta with fresh tomatoes

When the produce is fresh and locally grown, fabulous food comes together easily and fast. This summer pasta with a salsa cruda — a simple, no-cook sauce — makes the most of fresh summer tomatoes and peppery arugula. Recipe and photo contributed by Ellen Kanner. more→


Seasonal Summer Briam of Eggplant, Zucchini and Tomato

Briam (Casserole) of Eggplant and Zucchini

To honor Jason and the Argonauts and seasonal eats, here’s a briam — a Greek casserole of seasonal summer veggies. Many traditional recipes are oil guzzlers (fancy that). This has less oil but loads of flavor from the veggies themselves, and the produce and time does the work for you. Crusty on top, juicy on the bottom, it’s good over brown rice, quinoa or with crusty bread for soaking up sauce. Serve with a Greek—or any—salad.



Caribbean Pigeon Peas and Rice

Pigeon peas

Traditionally, this is made with pigeon peas —cute, round, and tan, also known as gungo peas or gandules. They’re a staple in markets with big Latin and Caribbean communities. If you can’t find them, no worries, use red beans — another island favorite. No harm will be done. Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled — it’s bright and refreshing either way. Recipe and photo by Ellen Kanner. more→


Tuscan White Beans and Winter Greens Soup

Tuscan white bean and greens soup

This rustic white bean soup is stockless and gets its goodness and oomph from the beans’ own cooking liquid. Half a dozen sage leaves impart an amazing amount of flavor. It’s just the thing for cooler weather, costs two bucks all told and feeds six. And you’ll have done it yourself. Beans may be cooked a day ahead, if that reduces your anxiety. Plan your life accordingly. more→


Festive Kale with Fennel, Cranberries, and Walnuts

lacinato kale

For Ellen Kanner (Huffington Post’s Meatless Monday blogger, and the Miami Herald’s Edgy Veggie columnist), this colorful side dish featuring kale and fennel is a favorite Thanksgiving offering, but you need not wait for a special occasion to enjoy it. more→


Turkish Millet With Garden-Fresh Greens

Millet uncooked

This luxurious and piquant grains-and-greens combo starts with nourishing (and under appreciated) millet and combines it with whatever leafy greens you have on hand (collards, kale, chard, etc.) and bold flavorings. An unusual touch is added with pomegranate molasses. Recipe contributed by Ellen Kanner. more→


Tamale Pie with Winter Greens

This luscious one-dish meal and its accompanying photo were contributed by Ellen Kanner. Serve with black beans and a green salad for a hearty winter meal. more→