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7 Recipes for Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

Enchiladas are one of the ultimate comfort foods. A handful of delicious ingredients are safely tucked inside a wrap and then covered in sauce. What more could you ask for, right? However, if you think because you are vegan you can’t enjoy this dish, we have good news.

Here are seven vegan recipes for the classic enchilada that you’ll love.

#1 Collard-Wrapped Yellow Rice and Black Bean Enchiladas

This ultimate veggie enchilada skips the tortillas altogether and wraps all the good stuff in large collard leaves. Don’t be too quick to judge, though. The collard leaves soften up in the oven and develop a delicious, subtle essence that drips into the stuffing, making it a totally healthy dish bursting with flavor.

#2 Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

This is quite possibly the best vegan enchilada recipe out there, and maybe the easiest to make, too! The butternut squash and black bean combo gives you the heavy feeling most people associate with eating enchiladas, yet it’s all plant based and full of fiber. The flavor is really what makes it a fan favorite, though. Vegans and meat eaters alike love this combo, and of course, you will too.

 #3 Roasted Tomatillo Enchiladas

Nothing says authentic Mexican quite like a dish made with tomatillos. This green veggie shines in this recipe and gives the enchiladas a smokey flavor that isn’t usually appreciated in the red-sauced enchiladas that you usually find on the internet. Plus, these are super simple and don’t send you to the grocery store in search for a page-long list of new ingredients.

#4 Stacked Squash and Bell Pepper Enchiladas

This creative recipe chucks the wrap to the curb and instead layers all of the delicious ingredients in an easy-to-eat stack. The ingredient list is made mostly of vegetables, which are combined with a delicious sauce which is then layered between crispy corn tortillas. This recipe is easy, straight-forward, and ready to feed the masses.

#5 White Bean, Corn and Zucchini Enchiladas Verde

White beans and tomatillos make this a truly creative enchilada dish. This combination makes it surprisingly refreshing and light, which is pretty hard to find when it comes to enchiladas. The tomatillos really shine through and you hardly notice that you’re eating handfuls of veggies with each serving.

#6 Kale and Mushroom Enchiladas

This wouldn’t be a list of vegan recipes if kale didn’t somehow sneak its way in! This recipe takes on all the traditional flavors of enchiladas and uses mushgrooms and kale as meat replacements. Carly at Fit Living Eats takes the classic enchilada and makes it healthy (but still delicious).

#7 Stacked Vegan Cheese Enchiladas

Here we have another stacked variation of the enchilada, but this one is for chefs with little time. You will be shocked by the short ingredient list here, though impressed by the flavor. If you love enchiladas, but don’t love the meat or the amount of time they usually take to prepare, then this is for you.

This list of vegan enchiladas has a little something for everyone. There are no sacrifices made in these recipes so you and your loved ones will surely enjoy them! Pick the one that sounds best and give it a go. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Foods That Support a Healthy Microbiome

Organic vegetables. Farmers hands with freshly harvested vegetables. Horse radish

When considering your health, one important factor that is being studied more and more is the gut. Researchers have found that the bacteria which lives in the intestines, plays an important role in our overall health and wellness. What is most interesting is that the health or sickliness of the gut depends on what a person eats. So by making a few dietary changes, you can transform the state of your gut bacteria. Let’s take a closer look at what a microbiome is exactly, why it matters, and which foods support its health. more→

7 Recipes You Can Make With Chickpea Flour

Vegan chickpea flour omelet

The vegan diet is more than just cutting out animal-based foods. It is also a health-based lifestyle that seeks out the best ways to maximize nutrition. One way to do that is to swap out regular flour for chickpea flour.

Chickpea flour is a great source of fiber to help keep things moving smoothly. It is also an anti-inflammatory food and helps promote a healthy heart. It’s so much more than just a gluten-free flour replacement because it offers a ton of benefits on its own!

Here are seven killer recipes featuring the nutrition-packed flour.

#1 Omelets

Omelets are a delicious and fun way to sneak veggies into your breakfast. Instead of using eggs, make a swap with chickpea flour, instead. Just a warning, though: this recipe is packed with much more than an egg replacement. Nutritional yeast and turmeric not only give it a rich flavor but they also give the omelet some added nutrition.

#2 Spanish Chickpea Fritters with Romesco Sauce

Fritters are super fun to eat and a totally social food. These fritters are even better because they are absolutely brimming with flavor and nutrition, leaving little room for guilt. The Romesco Sauce is really the key here. It is made with fresh herbs, roasted red peppers, a dash of paprika and some vinegar. This recipe will probably become a favorite in your household!

#3 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are what childhood dreams are made of, but once we reach adulthood they become synonymous with guilt. These chickpea based cookies, however, will wipe the guilt away. Unlike many vegan cookie recipes, these are packed with flavor and the gooey essence that chocolate chip cookies are best known for. They are also naturally full of fiber so you can feel good with every bite you take.

#4 Farinata with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Olives

This farinata is described as a “savory pancake” thanks to the sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives. Throw in a handful of chopped spinach to get a veggie-filled meal. It’s super easy to make, fiber-filled and delicious.

#5 Quinoa Burgers

Quinoa burgers can sometimes be hit and miss, as quinoa tends to crumble under the first bite. These burgers, though, stay true to form, thanks to the chickpea flour. This particular recipe is loaded with flavor and held together by oats, chickpea flour, and quinoa. Some fresh herbs along with garlic and onions give it a rich taste.

#6 Spicy Cilantro Crackers

If you have been looking for the opportunity to branch out in your repertoire, this is it. These crackers are a homemade delicacy that travels well and pleases the masses. Unlike traditional crackers, though, they are full of fiber so that they don’t get in the way of smooth digestion.

#7 Pizza Crust

Let’s be honest: pizza crust is the best part of the pizza. Unfortunately, it is usually loaded with gluten and not much else. This recipe takes care of all of that by using chickpea flour as the base. It’s super easy to make, sturdy, and equally delicious in its own right. There is no need to skip pizza night anymore!
Give chickpea flour a try with one of these recipes and you will surely want to add it into your regular rotation. Best of all, you won’t be sacrificing flavor, nutrition, or ease with any of these!

How to Become a Vegan

Superfoods for weight loss

So you’ve decided you want to become a vegan, now what? As with any lifestyle change, there will be challenges and the process will take persistence and dedication. Here are a few tips on how to become a vegan.

Know the rules

It’s pretty simple. Vegans only eat foods derived from plants. No animal products should be consumed which means flesh and skin itself as well as products produced by animals like eggs, milk, and honey. Once you know the rules, you can create your plan to change.

Start gradually

There is no rule that you need to be vegan right-this-very-minute. Some people have a hard time letting go of certain foods emotionally while others have some digestive difficulties with the diet change. Don’t feel that you need to rush in. Slow and steady wins the race.

Try making simple swaps here and there, perhaps once a meal or even once a day. Little by little it will become easier—not to mention that you will be able to note the positive effects as you go.

Focus on nutrition

Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as being healthy. In order for a vegan diet to work properly for you, it’s important to make sure that you get all of the nutrients your body needs.

Eat whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the packaged vegan foods. While it may be exciting to load up on vegan snacks that you had never noticed before it’s not necessarily doing your body any favors.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Radically changing your diet and lifestyle is sometimes hard. Whether it’s because you’re not quite sure how to prepare a certain food or you don’t really know how to field the questions from your friends and family, the transition can take you to some new and confusing territory.

This is normal and totally okay—everyone who has made the change has been there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others in the community for support, or to peruse blogs so you can read about other people’s stories. You can learn a lot about how to become a vegan from the experience of others.

Remember your why

Whenever you’re feeling tempted or moody with cravings, always remind yourself why you’re doing this. Write down your motivations and keep them somewhere visible to you every day.

Reward yourself

Making the steps to makeover your lifestyle is serious work. You have to be committed and open to learning lots of new information on how to become a vegan in order to change your lifestyle for the better. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself! Set milestones like one week, one month, and one year and celebrate once you pass them. Grab a delicious vegan coconut ice cream or even indulge in a nice full body massage—you deserve it!

Stick with it

Just keep going. Sometimes it will get hard, admittedly, but those hard moments will pass. Remember why you’re doing this and just keep going. If you slip up, forgive yourself and get back on track. Trust the process and know that after a month or so it will be a whole lot easier.

Share it with others

One of the best ways to reduce the skepticism that your friends and family may have about your new lifestyle is by sharing how to become a vegan with them. Prepare a delicious meal or bring them a special treat (if you haven’t discovered raw vegan desserts yet, then that’s a good place to start!). Then they can learn how delicious this lifestyle can be.

Change, in general, can be hard but don’t let that intimidate you. If going vegan is what you feel is right for you, follow these steps and you’ll be there in no time. 

8 Great Vegan Burger Recipes for Summer

Vegan Burger Recipes

Vegan Burger Recipes

If anyone ever thought that going vegan meant no satisfying comfort food, look no further than this list. Here are 8 great vegan burger recipes you can whip up this summer for a day by the pool, dinner, or whenever! 

Each of these has it’s own unique ingredients so you don’t have to worry about getting bored with same old vegan burger recipes. Mix it up, try them all, and be sure to let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.

Without further adieu, here they are.

#1 Quinoa, lentil, and mushroom burgers

Vegan Burger Recipes

This classic mix will even make the meat eaters drool. The lentils and quinoa give the burger an extra punch of protein while the mushrooms add a whole extra layer of flavor. These are perfect for preparing ahead of time. Then you can pull them out when you’re ready for a classic summer cookout and simply throw them on the grill.

#2 Brown rice and beet burgers

Vegan Burger Recipes

The beets in these burgers give them an extra earthy flavor, not to mention a beautiful pink color! The brown rice provides a hearty balance to the root vegetable so that the flavor isn’t the only thing to rave about. They are filling, nutritious, and tasty.

#3 Portobello mushroom burgers

These burgers are great for those summer nights you just want to whip up something easy. They don’t require much fuss yet they are absolutely delicious. You can choose to eat them alone or stick them in some hamburger buns for a quick and easy take on the classic Portobello burger.

#4 Spicy black bean burger

Anytime you see “spicy” and “black bean” together then you know that you’re in for a treat! Indeed, these burgers are likely to please everyone in the family. Slip some fresh avocado in there for a total indulgence. This is one of our favorite vegan burger recipes. 

#5 Red lentil and quinoa burgers

Vegan Burger Recipes

The red lentils and spices used in this burger add some serious depth of flavor. Along with that, you get a good serving of protein from the combination of lentils and quinoa. Another plus, lentils and quinoa cook up in about the same amount of time so you can easily whip them up together in one pan. 

#6 Sriracha tempeh sliders

Vegan Burger Recipes

If you haven’t tried tempeh yet then you are missing out! Tempeh is the veggie eater’s best friend when it comes to traditional summer meals that usually involve meat. It’s delicious and also incredibly healthy. The added (and arguably the key) ingredient sriracha makes these burgers a fun one to have on hand for your summer meals. Note that these will be a bit spicy!

#7 Pinto bean sloppy joes

Vegan Burger Recipes

Sloppy joes are a classic favorite for the summertime and shouldn’t be missed out just because you don’t eat meat. This version of the sloppy joe is still packed with protein, thanks to the pinto beans, and is satisfyingly delicious.

#8 Sweet potato and avocado burgers

Vegan Burger Recipes

Finally, the best for last: the sweet potato and avocado burgers. It’s so simple yet so good. The added layer of panko breadcrumbs is really worth the extra step, I promise.

Summer is right around the corner! Keep these recipes on hand and enjoy a variety of delicious burgers as the weather warms up. 

5 Spinach Smoothies That Will Give You More Energy Than Coffee

Green detox smoothie cup and woman lacing running shoes before workout on rainy day. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept.

Spinach smoothies never get boring, and they come in many delicious varieties. Why spinach? It’s a great plant-based source of iron and has more potassium than a banana (which is especially good for building muscles mass). It’s also a great source of vitamins K, A, and C and even has a few varieties of vitamin B. All this to say that spinach can act like a powerhouse of nutrition and energy, making smoothies beneficial when added to your regular diet. 

Here is a roundup of our favorite green smoothies that are easy to whip up in a few minutes. more→


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