Meg Staples

Blackberry Watermelon Popsicles

blackberry watermelon ice pops

Who doesn’t love an ice cold, refreshing treat? Popsicles are all the rage right now, & when I saw them, I knew I had to try them. I’ve never made popsicles before, so I was really excited to dig in & give them a shot. I was really surprised how quick they were to make, and how delicious the outcome is. I also love that you can make these with any fruit you can blend! Recipe and photo contributed by Meg Staples, of Veggie Staples. more→

Glorious Green Ribbon Salad

Green Ribbon Salad

This is a powerhouse salad, full of vegetables, protein, nutrients. The dressing is so easy (and versatile) and really packs an extra punch. This salad did not stand a chance; I sat down and devoured this in no time. It kept me full for really long time. This is also great to pack for lunch because the dressing does not make it soggy. Tahini is made of ground sesame seeds and adds to the rich texture of the dressing, while giving it a great nutty taste. Recipe and photo contributed by Meg Staples, of Veggie Staples. 



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