Nikki Goldbeck

Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan Breakfast Recipes and Tips

Ultimate oatmeal recipe

A healthy day starts with breakfast. It is important to eat something sustaining in the morning. Following are some of our favorite vegan breakfast choices. But first, here are some pointers you can use regardless of whether you eat your morning meal at home or out. Keep in mind that while there are some dishes that are thought of as typical breakfast fare, in fact most foods that are good for you are good for you at any time of day.  more→

Mixed Grain Griddlecakes

Whole grain pancakes

These vegan pancakes are made with a variety of flours and meals — cornmeal, whole wheat, and more — making for a hearty stack. more→

Ultimate Oatmeal

Ultimate oatmeal

Ultimate Oatmeal provides an excellent example of how easy it is to upgrade familiar dishes. Here oats are enhanced with oat bran, wheat germ and flaxseed. The recipe is purposely proportioned to produce a thick porridge that can handle a generous amount of soy milk. If a thinner cereal is preferred, add additional freshly boiled water at the end as needed.   more→

Fruit-In-The-Middle Muffins

Fresh Homemade Muffins

Here’s a vegan muffin, perfect for breakfast, that is completely fruit sweetened. more→

Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Breakfasts

Rice pancakes by nikki goldbeckFinding satisfying breakfast choices can be a challenge for gluten-free vegans, as so many standard breakfast foods are based not only on animal products, but also on gluten-containing grains (pancakes, bagels, toast, baked goods in general, hot and cold cereals, and such). Here are some suitable homemade options.  more→


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