Victoria Moran

Liven Up Your “Good Karma Diet” — Explore Raw Foods

Summer fruits in bowls

When my daughter, Adair, was a tween and teen, we devoted two weeks every summer to eating only raw food: fruits, salads, crudités, and sprouts; dressings, dips, pâtés, and cheeses made from nuts and seeds; vegetable juices and creamy smoothies. When a friend asked her why we did it, she said, “Because everyone deserves to be gorgeous at least two weeks a year.” She was talking about the clear eyes, luminous skin, and well-known “glow” that come from eating fresh, raw foods.  more→


Drink Water Until It Becomes Your Beverage of Choice

why it's important to drink water

It has been suggested that the obesity epidemic may in part be a dehydration crisis: we’re thirsty, but we think we’re hungry, so instead of drinking water, we eat more food. There certainly could be something to this theory, because most Americans not only don’t drink enough water but dehydrate themselves with caffeine and alcohol and by flying in planes, baking in saunas, and playing weekend warrior without replenishing lost fluids. more→


Dine like a Yogi

Pearl barley

Simple, natural foods produce the glow of good health as evidenced by radiant skin, a strong, flexible body, and a well-functioning immune systemThe state of our bodies is genetically destined to some degree. The rest we construct ourselves, largely from the food we eat. Experts and mock experts debate ceaselessly about how we ought to feed ourselves, and diets go in and out of style more rapidly than hemlines or hairdos. more→