Plant-Based Meal Plans

VegKitchen Monday Menu, February 20, 2017

Sweet and sour stir-fried vegetables with tempeh and pineapple

Today’s Monday Menu features Sweet-and-Sour Stir-Fried Vegetables with Seitan or Tempeh.This sweet-and-sour stir-fry, featuring high-protein seitan or tempeh along with colorful vegetables and pineapple, has several steps but can be made easily and at a leisurely pace. Best of all, it results in a delicious and nourishing meal. It’s especially good served over bean-thread noodles or Asian brown rice vermicelli, but soba or udon work well, too. Long-grain brown rice and brown basmati rice are good choices as well. more→


VegKitchen Monday Menu, February 13, 2017

Pizza veggies

February is in a word, ugh. We’ve had it by now with weird winter weather, short days, colds and flu. Let’s remember that spring is just over a month away, and let’s brighten our meatless Monday with a fun meal. These nifty and super-easy Pizza Veggies could be the answer to getting your picky eaters to eat their vegetables! Potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and portobello mushrooms replace crust as surfaces for your marinara sauce and melty vegan cheese. You can add more vegetable toppings, or not. You can make these pizza veggies with one kind at a time, or more. We tried all of the above, and they all were great!

If you like this idea, go to our new Vegan Food Hacks page on Facebook for a daily dose of super-easy plant-based deliciousness. more→


VegKitchen Monday Menu, February 6, 2017

Quick Quinoa paella

I could never figure out this Groundhog Day thing — the groundhog comes out on February 2, sees his (is it ever her?) shadow, and that means 6 more weeks of winter. Everyone is sad. But if you look at the calendar, there are literally 6 more weeks of winter, so what’s the big whoop? I can always pretend late winter away by starting to serve more spring-like meals as soon as we turn the page to February. Case in point, this week’s Monday Menu featuring Quick Quinoa Paella. There’s something decidedly un-wintery about it, yet it uses seasonal ingredients and will warm and satisfy you in a hurry. more→


VegKitchen Monday Menu, January 30, 2017

Pasta with hearty spinach and lentil sauce

Pasta with Hearty Lentil and Spinach Sauce is a perfect blend of nourishment and comfort. It’s a great midwinter dish that will leave you and yours satisfied. Leftovers are great to take to work in a container the next day. Easy and substantial, this can easily become your go-to plant-powered pasta dish. more→


VegKitchen Monday Menu, January 23, 2017

Black bean and zucchini tortilla casserole chilaquiles recipe

There are few things that are more comforting for cool-weather meals (other than soup, of course!) than a casserole served straight for the oven. Many casseroles are just too time-consuming and fussy to make at the end of the day, but not our Black Bean and Zucchini Tortilla Casserole. It’s a lively layering of tortillas, beans, and veggies given a major yum factor with melted vegan cheese. It’s both quick to make and quick to bake. 


VegKitchen’s Monday Menu – January 16, 2017

Classic veggie chili and cornbread

Whether you call it Meatless Monday, Meat-Free Monday, No-Meat Monday, here at VegKitchen we just call it “Monday,” because every day is a no-meat, no dairy, and no eggs kind of day. Continuing in our new series of menus to kick off the week, we can think of few midwinter dishes more welcome than a big pot of Classic Veggie Chili. It can take you though half of a chilly (pun intended) week; leftovers are great for portable lunches, and you can vary them in a number of ways (see 5 Ways to Use Leftover Chili). more→


VegKitchen’s Monday Menu

Buddhist's Delight recipe

This week we introduce this new feature — an easy and healthy menu to start your week off rightc. Let’s build on Meatless Monday, MeatOut Monday, Meatfree Monday, and Vegan Monday movements (and there are others!). Since every day is meatless at VegKitchen, we’ll simply call it our Monday Menu. Our main dish is Buddhist’s Delight, a stew-like iteration of a dish inspired by a Chinese restaurant classic. more→


Weekly Plant-Based Dinner Plan, December 19 – 23, 2016

vegan shepherd's pie recipe

This week, in place of our usual weekday dinner plan, let’s count down to Christmas with five of VegKitchen’s most popular vegan main dish options for the holiday table. That way, you can start planning on what you’d like to make if you’re hosting, or to bring to share if you’re a guest. Most of these can be made up to 3 days in advance if you’d like to make ahead. Our Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie is the #1 reader choice, so popular that it’s practically viral! A deep dish of absolute comfort, it’s a bit of a project, but not at all difficult, and definitely worth it for a special occasion or holiday meal.  more→