Sandwiches and Wraps

Tofu Pomegranate Pockets

Pomegrante Tofu Pocket

Savory tofu bits combine with pomegranate to make a palate-pleasing pita sandwich. The pomegranate seeds add texture and a tart sweetness, while the ume plum vinegar brings it all together. Recipe contributed by Tamasin Noyes and Celine Steen from their book Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day!*(Fair Winds Press, 2012).  more→


Baked Tofu, Arugula, and Olive Wraps

Arugula, tofu, and olive wraps

Baby arugula livens up the flavor of these simple wraps featuring baked tofu, crisp cucumber, and olives. It’s quick and delicious and makes for a great portable lunch or an easy dinner entree served with soup, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and/or corn on the cob, depending on appetite.



Sloppy Buffalo Beans

Sloppy buffalo beans from The Great Vegan Bean book by Kathy Hester

This Sloppy Joe variation can be as spicy or mild as you’d like. If your family members aren’t fans of spicy dishes, use less hot sauce or use a milder sauce in its place. From The Great Vegan Bean Book by Kathy Hester. @2013 by Fair Winds Press, reprinted by permission. Photo © 2013 by Renee Comet.  more→


Tofu Eggless “Egg Salad” for Sandwiches or Pitas

Tofu eggless salad recipe

Tofu is a culinary chameleon, taking on many forms, depending on what it’s surrounded by and flavored with. Here, it takes on the form of egg salad, which, when made with eggs and regular mayonnaise, is a high-fat, high-cholesterol combination that’s best avoided. But this version, made with tofu and vegan mayonnaise, is a treat that won’t rub you and your healthy eating habits the wrong way.



Vegan Avocado Tempeh Reuben Sandwich

Avocado Tempeh Reuben

The classic deli reuben sandwich can be made meatless as well as dairy-free with homemade or store-bought smoky strips, and just a touch of vegan cheese. Sauerkraut gives it a nice tang, and avocado makes it luscious! It’s great for a quick at-home lunch or dinner, served with soup or salad.The ingredients given here can be easily multiplied for more servings. Photos by Hannah Kaminsky. more→


“Tofuna” Salad Sandwich Spread

"tofuna" salad

This sandwich spread is so simple, yet every time I make it, it disappears quickly. Even tofu skeptics love it. Since all you really need for this is the first three ingredients, it hardly qualifies as a recipe, and you won’t even need to consult this after you make it once. The last two ingredients, though entirely optional, are highly recommended. If I’m having guests for lunch or brunch on weekends, I often make a batch of this as an extra, no matter what else I’m serving. more→


Cool Refried Bean Wraps

Refried bean wraps

Serve these easy refried bean wraps for lunch with with stone-ground natural tortilla chips and some fruit; or for dinner, with baked potatoes or sweet potatoes and /or fresh corn (tortilla chips and salsa are welcome, too). They’re also a good companion to simple soups.

Using organic refried beans makes this a snap, but if you’re a DIY kind of person, follow the link at the end of the recipe to make your own from scratch. To feed more people, the recipe doubles easily. If you’re eating solo, you might as well make two, as these keep well. Make one for dinner, and pack the second one for lunch the next day. What to do with the remaining half can of refried beans? Make Easy Hot Bean Dip, which also calls for half a can. Or, you can freeze the rest for future wraps. more→


Veggie Hot Dogs

Homemade Veggie Hot Dogs

Make your own vegan hot dogs! This delicious veggie hot dogs (made with almond meal, tofu, and vital wheat gluten) are great if you want a break from the various store bought ones. You can even add some more spices if you want to kick it up a bit. Recipe and photos contributed by Julie Balutis. Visit Julie’s blog Baked In for more recipes and tips. more→