Grain Salads

Wild Rice Confetti Salad

wild rice in a bowl

Wild rice makes an earthy, nutty backdrop for a salad. The “confetti” in this salad are bits of corn, carrot, and other colorful veggies. more→


Herb Garden Couscous and Black Bean Salad

Light-tasting yet substantial, this cool couscous and black bean salad gets its spark from fresh herbs. You can vary this recipe by using quinoa or millet instead of couscous. This is a delicious accompaniment to grilled vegetables. more→


Olive Rice Salad

When the season for cold meals arrives, this easy grain salad can be served with a simple combination of chickpeas or black beans and tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh herbs. If you can get fresh corn yet, great, and if not, steamed broccoli or green beans work well, too.  more→


Dilled Millet and Vegetable Salad

Millet uncooked

I first had this unusual salad at an outdoor summer party at the home of a friend; not only did I love it, but I was impressed with the enthusiasm with which other guests ate it. Bland but nutritious millet, after all, is not a grain that normally causes excitement. Other vegetables can be substituted for the ones given here, but fresh dill and a strong dressing are musts. more→


Southwestern Rice and Bean Salad

When you have some leftover brown rice, this is a super way to make use of it and is a snap to make. With some vegan quesadillas or nachos, and a green vegetable, makes a fun everyday meal. more→


Bulgur Salad with Fruits and Nuts

An invigorating melange of textures and flavors, this salad is also quite adaptable. Add various other fruits or veggies to it; substitute other dried or fresh fruits; or use another grain altogether, like couscous or quinoa. more→


Piquant Rice Salad

Exotic rice blend

Here’s a bold-flavored rice salad, enough to feed a crowd. Replete with lots of tasty ingredients, including artichokes, roasted peppers, and fresh chili peppers, it’s a great potcluck or buffet dish. more→


Marinated Whole Grain Berries with Wild Rice and Black-Eyed Peas

Whole Wheat berries

Whole grain berries are simply the intact kernel of the grain. Combining their distinct flavor and texture with those of wild rice and black eyed peas makes for a hearty salad. more→