Jewish New Year

Sephardic Stewed White Beans

Small white beans cooked in a savory sauce is a common Sephardic dish, served all year round for holidays and every day meals alike.



Sautéed Carrots with Dried Fruits

Carrot bunches

Here’s a tasty way to highlight carrots in a lightly cooked side dish. Their natural sweetness is enhanced with chopped dried fruit and balanced with a bit of lemon. more→


Vegan Apple Strudel

Vegan Apple Strudel recipe

This dessert is super easy to throw together, even at the last minute. Surprisingly, the most common brand of puff pastry (Pepperidge Farm) is actually vegan. Though it’s not the healthiest product in the world (to say the least — make this a once-in-a-while treat!), it’s a great way to make an impressive dessert quickly. Check the freezer section for it; it’s sold in sheets that come in a narrow, rectangular box. If you’re serving company, double the recipe (two puff pastry sheets come in the box)—it goes fast! Recipe from Vegan Yum Yumby Lauren Ulm. Photo by Debby Sunshine, from Vegan American Princess. more→


Egg-Free (Vegan) Challah

challahWhen my son was diagnosed with severe food allergies, (eggs, nuts and citrus), I realized that I, along with so many others, was now faced with a mission…to keep my son safe, and educate others in the process.  Food allergies are terrifying and daunting, and for the first few months, I was a deer in the headlights. Slowly, I started to get a handle on things as I researched, experimented, failed and succeeded. more→


Vegan Noodle Kugel

This mildly sweet noodle pudding is a classic Jewish comfort food, and always welcome at celebrations such as the Jewish New Year and Hanukkah. Adapted from Vegan Holiday Kitchen. more→


Maple Baked Pears with Fresh Cranberries

Fresh pears

There’s something so classy about baked pears! The subtle maple flavor suits them just right. This is a nice light dessert choice for serving after filling meals. Fresh cranberries not only add a nice flavor contrast to the sweet pears and syrup, but make this a perfect fall dessert. If serving to a larger crowd, the recipe doubles easily. more→


Wine-Braised Leeks with Red Peppers and Shiitakes

Cut leeks

This naturally well-flavored side dish of sweet leeks and bell peppers goes well with just about any kind of simple plant-based protein entrée. more→


Zucchini with Mint

Zucchini on table

This simple zucchini recipe is adapted from a Sicilian classic. It’s a simple salad that’s welcome in late summer or early fall, when zucchini and mint are abundant. more→