Seitan Recipes

Seitan and Mushrooms in Paprika Cream

I adore Paris. When I need to assuage my longing for this lovely city, I serve my family assiettes (referring to a generous platter of a number of components), like those typically served in the city’s vegetarian restaurants. The menus of these restaurants are not as extensive or innovative as those in the U.S. or Britain, but they do offer delicious, fresh food prepared with French flair. Seitan is a common offering. This one is an amalgam of seitan dishes I enjoyed at Le Potager du Marais near the Georges Pompidou Center, and Les Cinq Saveurs D’Ananda in the Latin Quarter. For tips on creating Parisian-style assiettes, see the sidebar, following.



Tofu and Seitan Sauté with Easy Gravy

Here’s a high-protein skillet of tofu and seitan, enveloped in either of two savory vegan graveies of your choice: Easy Mushroom Gravy or Sage Gravy. more→


Seitan “Meat and Potatoes” Stew

Seitan and potatoes stew recipe

Seitan gives this stew a “meaty” texture, and combined with potatoes and carrots becomes a comforting, hearty dish. Prepared seitan is readily available in most natural foods stores as well as a growing number of well-stocked supermarkets, but you can make your own as well (see the link in the ingredient list) Adapted from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook. more→


Seitan “Peppersteak” with Bean-Thread Noodles

Seitan is a traditional Asian food made from high-protein wheat gluten. in Chinese cookery, it is often used as a very convincing meat analog. Peppersteak is a perfect menu for this “beefy” food. more→


Pastry-Wrapped Seitan Roulades with Spinach-Mushroom Duxelles

seitan roulades receip

Although this recipe involves a few steps, it can be assembled ahead of time and the delicious results are well worth the effort. This recipe is from Party Vegan: Fabulous, Fun Food for Every Occasionby Robin Robertson © 2010, published by John Wiley & Sons. more→


Seitan Chow Fun

When you’re in the mood for tasty Asian-style fare, this seitan stir-fry, embellished with broccoli, peppers, and wide noodles comes together quickly. Serve with spring rolls (from the natural foods store freezer) and a simple coleslaw with a sesame-ginger dressing. more→


Sweet-and-Sour Seitan and Vegetables

This easy seitan stir-fry makes a delicious and nourishing one-dish meal. To vary it, you can substitute tofu for the seitan. Adapted from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook. more→


Seitan, Mushroom, and Onion Stir-Fry

This simple seitan dish is great choice for hearty appetites, and a warming dish for nippy evenings. more→