Potatoes, Easy and Elegant

Mushroom-Stuffed Potatoes

A small amount of vegan cream cheese gives these stuffed potatoes a rich flavor. Serve them with a big tossed salad with chickpeas or beans, and some steamed green beans or asparagus. more→


Curried Potatoes with Peas and Cashews

Peas and cashews lend a subtle sweetness to this curried potato dish. Once you’ve got the just-done potatoes ready, the rest of the dish comes together in no time. For an enticing meal, serve with Fruited Couscous Pilaf. If you’d like, pass around a spicy chutney as well. more→


Two-Potato Bread Stuffing Casserole

You need not wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this baked stuffing, made hearty with regular and sweet potato and whole-grain bread. That said, it is most welcome at the holiday table! For an everyday meal, roast some broccoli and cauliflower florets while this is in the oven, and serve with a bountiful tossed salad with some chickpeas or black beans tossed in for a nice meal. more→


Leek and Red Pepper Hash-Browned Potatoes

leeks at market

If you like leeks, you’re sure to enjoy this dressed-up version of hash browns. Use firm-textured potatoes, such as red-skinned or Yukon Gold, rather than mealy ones, for best results. more→