Green Beans

Green Beans and Carrots Sesame

Green beans and carrots sesame

The simple vegetable duo of green beans and carrots makes a flavorful, colorful side dish for summer meals. The hint of Asian flavors — soy sauce and sesame (oil and seeds) makes it special. more→


Lemony Bulgur with Green Beans and Walnuts

Bulgur on a spoon

Filling and hearty, the lemony flavor and the young green beans give this bulgur dish a touch of spring. more→


Tempeh and Green Beans with Shiitake-Miso Gravy

Shiitake Mushrooms

Green beans, tempeh, and bell peppers make for a tasty trio, especially when enveloped in a flavorful shiitake-miso gravy. To save time, or when fresh are out of season, use frozen organic baby green beans, available in most any natural foods store and many supermarkets. If available, do use fresh slender green beans, by all means, when they make their rare appearance at your local market. more→