Healthy Eating Tips

Vegan Baking Substitution Guide

Vegan holiday biscuits by hannah kaminsky

From cookies to cakes and everything in between, vegan baking is a breeze with our handy substitution guide. Contributed by Brooke Still, reprinted with permission, courtesy of Photo by Hannah Kaminksy. more→


Roasted Vegetable Recipes

Roasted potatoes and onions recipe

If you love roasted vegetables, either on their own or incorporated into other dishes, you’ll find lots of recipes here on VegKitchen. Exposing uncooked vegetables to high temperatures (similar to what happens on the grill) draws the natural sugars to the surface, heightening their flavors. And the aroma that permeates your kitchen in the process is intoxicating! more→


Stocking Your Refrigerator for Everyday Healthy Meals

VegKitchen’s post on stocking a healthy vegan pantry is one that gets a lot of views, so it occurred to me, in this bountiful season of fresh produce, that we should explore what it takes to keep your refrigerator stocked with fresh foods as well as other natural, wholesome edibles that compliment and bolster them. Read on for my recommendations on how to put together a well-stocked refrigerator that will make healthy plant-strong eating a breeze. more→


Juicing for Health

Fresh vegetable juices

JuicerContributed by Nick Charlesworth of Happy Juicer. Juicing for improving health is one of the prime reasons that people get their first juicer and start juicing. It is well know that a well balanced diet should include daily intake of fruits and vegetables. In fact 5 portions of fruit and vegetables is recommended. Juicing can help us achieve a desired fruit and vegetable intake. Juicing enables us to benefit from the goodness of a lot of fruit and vegetable servings in one easy to consume drink.  more→


Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan Breakfast Recipes and Tips

Ultimate oatmeal recipe

A healthy day starts with breakfast. It is important to eat something sustaining in the morning. Following are some of our favorite vegan breakfast choices. But first, here are some pointers you can use regardless of whether you eat your morning meal at home or out. Keep in mind that while there are some dishes that are thought of as typical breakfast fare, in fact most foods that are good for you are good for you at any time of day.  more→


Nikki Goldbeck’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Breakfasts

Rice pancakes by nikki goldbeckFinding satisfying breakfast choices can be a challenge for gluten-free vegans, as so many standard breakfast foods are based not only on animal products, but also on gluten-containing grains (pancakes, bagels, toast, baked goods in general, hot and cold cereals, and such). Here are some suitable homemade options.  more→


Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook Reviews on VegKitchen

If you’d like to browse some of the best vegetarian and vegan books out there, VegKitchen presents this selection of vegan and vegetarian cookbook reviews. Let us know what some of your favorites are if you don’t see them on this list, and we’ll try to get a review posted. This is listed in alphabetic order by author. more→


Vegan Dessert Recipes

Vegan chocolate, coconut, tofu mousse pie detail

Vegan dessert recipes — cookies, cakes, brownies, pies, and ice cream — sure have grown up over the last few years! Here is VegKitchen’s wide array of all kinds of sweet treats. If you’re looking specifically for gluten-free vegan desserts, we’ve got plenty of those too. You’ll find them listed at the end of the long listing of recipes on the Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes page. more→