VegKitchen’s Monday Menu

Buddhist's Delight recipe

This week we introduce this new feature — an easy and healthy menu to start your week off rightc. Let’s build on Meatless Monday, MeatOut Monday, Meatfree Monday, and Vegan Monday movements (and there are others!). Since every day is meatless at VegKitchen, we’ll simply call it our Monday Menu. Our main dish is Buddhist’s Delight, a stew-like iteration of a dish inspired by a Chinese restaurant classic.

Tri-Color Coleslaw

For this everyday meal, Tri-Color Coleslaw or any of our other simple slaws add some nice raw crunch to the plate.

scallion pancakes

If you have more time and energy, make this meal a feast with Scallion Pancakes. Otherwise, the Buddhist’s Delight and slaw are more than enough for a great weeknight meal. That being said, if you want something more, add some veggie spring rolls from your natural food store’s frozen food section.

Buddhist's delight stew

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2 comments on “VegKitchen’s Monday Menu

  1. Carol

    All of these are delicious and delightful, with one of my favorites – Scallion Pancakes. I am so grateful for all your wonderful creations – you help to make being a Vegan a most pleasurable journey! Happy New Year!

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