Wild Veggie, the Souper Drink

wild veggie the soupre drink

Some time ago, Wild Veggie US sent me samples of their products, which are concentrated purees of broccoli, carrot, or red bell pepper. These can be used as bases for hot or cold soups, stirred into casseroles or sauces to add flavor or nutrition, or just heated (or chilled) and served as hot or cold soups.

I had the carrot and broccoli varieties just by themselves, heated up in a mug. They’re only 70 and 80 calories per 8-ounce serving, so they make a perfect snack. They were delicious. I stirred the red bell pepper variety into a lentil soup, to which it added body and flavor. These “Souper Drinks” are good sources of vitamin A and/or C as well as dietary fiber.

Wild Veggie is just making its way onto the market and is in limited distribution at Whole Foods stores and other locations in California, Florida, and Michigan. For locations, go to http://souperdrink.com/where-is-wild-veggie. Let’s hope customer demand makes this product more widely available.

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2 comments on “Wild Veggie, the Souper Drink

  1. Linda

    I just drank the roasted red pepper, chilled. MMMM so good. I will definetly do that again and will also try the others. Thank you.

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