Almost-Raw Zucchini “Macaroni” and Cheez

raw macaroni and cheezHave you been looking for a good, easy, nearly raw macaroni and cheez recipe? As with a lot of fancier raw recipes, I regret that this one needs machines — a high speed blender to make the sauce, and a spiral slicer (I love the World Cuisine Spiral Slicer) to make “noodles” from zucchini. But if you have those in your kitchen, you’ll enjoy this dish. This is recipe says “comfort food” like raw foods rarely do.

Serves: 2 to 3

Use the spiral slicer blade with the larger holes to create “noodles” that are more like macaroni than spaghetti.

Transfer to a serving container and combine with enough of the sauce to coat the squash generously, but don’t drown it! If you’d like, you can warm the dish very gently on the stove top, or serve at room temperature.

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