Vegan Ice Cream

Fresh Mango or Nectarine and Blueberry Ice Pops

Mango and blueberry ice pops

With ice pop molds and fresh summer fruits, it’s so easy to create refreshing and healthy treats, like these, made of pureed mango or nectarine and whole blueberries. Make sure your fruit is lush and ripe or these won’t have optimal flavor. Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds,* shown in this photo, are easy to use and easy to clean. But use what you have! You can even make ice pops in small paper cups, with wooden popsicle sticks.


Vegan Banana Ice Cream

Frozen Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

Frozen bananas blend up and become just like soft-serve ice cream. You must use a food processor, not a blender for this. Depending on the size of the food processor, you may have to make this in two batches. Recipe contributed by Miyoko Schinner. Photos by Evan Atlas.   more→

Tropical Tofu Ice Pops

tropical tofu ice popsThese ice pops feature oranges, kiwis, and mangoes, plus coconut water, which is chock-full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Recipe and photo from Ice Pop Joyby Anni Daulter (Sellers Publishing, © 2012), reprinted by permission. more→

Melon Madness Ice Pops

Honeydew ice popsThese enticing honeydew ice pops are low in fat and high in water content, so they’re the perfect pleasure on a hot sunny
day! Recipe and photo from Ice Pop Joyby Anni Daulter (Sellers Publishing, © 2012), reprinted by permission.


Turkish Coffee Ice Cream

Vegan Turkish Coffee Ice CreamMaking a cup of coffee is a time-honored, complex ritual in Turkey. Brewed in an ornate metal ibrik directly over the stove, the ground coffee is heaped straight into the vessel and never filtered. Though it may be a turnoff to some, the grounds are welcome to settle to the bottom in a thick sludge  adding body to the whole drink and supposedly telling the drinker’s fortune, like spent tea leaves. more→

Peach Melba Ice Cream

Vegan Peach Melba ice Cream

Fit for an opera star, the original peach melba kept all components separate: Ice cream melting coldly in one corner of the plate, raspberry sauce congealing somewhere nearby, and peaches slowly losing warmth all by their lonesome. The idea was that the warm fruits would bring up the temperature of the ice cream enough that it wouldn’t threaten the precious vocal chords of Nellie Melba, Australian soprano of the late 19th century, and thus allow her to enjoy a frozen treat.


Magical Ice Cream Shell

magic ice cream shell by hannah kaminskyTextural contrast is what keeps a big bowl of ice cream interesting through each and every bite, and precisely why a magical shell topping can be so dangerously addictive. A sauce that pours on as a liquid but instantly solidifies upon hitting a frosty scoop of ice cream, it’s almost as much fun to play with as it is to eat. Chocolate is always the most popular with any crowd, but don’t let the classic limit your creativity! Plenty of other flavors can add a crunch that’s just as sweet and satisfying. Recipe and photo courtesy of Hannah Kaminsky, from Vegan a la Mode.* Reprinted with permission of the author and  Skyhorse Publishing. more→

Crazy Carrot Pops

carrot and spinach ice popsIce pops made from real fruits and veggies are a win-win — lots of fun for kids to eat, and reassuring for parents to know they’re giving their children a wholesome treat. Recipe adapted from a contribution by the Betty Crocker company. more→


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