Vegan Muffin Recipes

Crunchy Granola Muffins

Crunchy Granola Muffins

It’s back to the 1960s with these hearty (but not heavy) crunchy granola muffins! Use your favorite homemade or bulk-purchased granola for these easy vegan muffins. If you want to do the from-scratch route, try our Classic Crunchy Granola — a perfect fit! These make a nice breakfast, on-the-go snack, and are fabulous with a cup of coffee or tea on a cold day. Photos by Evan Atlas.

Lime and Coconut Corn Muffins

Coconut lime muffins by Laura Theodore

Cornmeal gives these vegan lime and coconut corn muffins a hearty texture, while the lime and coconut contribute a tropical twist. Recipe and photo by Laura Theodore, from Vegan-Ease: An Easy Guide to Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet. Published by Jazzy Vegetarian LLC, © 2015, reprinted by permission.


Black Bean Zucchini Corn Muffins

black bean, corn, and zucchini muffins

These healthy vegan corn muffins makes good use of summer’s fresh corn and the season’s abundance of zucchini. Other times of year, you can use frozen kernels, and of course, zucchini is a year-round veggie. These make a perfect accompaniment to hot or cold soups. Black beans give these a bit of heft, making them a nice change of pace for the lunch box. Photos by Evan Atlas. 

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Lemony Blueberry Muffins

These subtly lemon-flavored vegan blueberry muffins are perfect for making on cool summer evenings during blueberry season, or any time of year with frozen organic blueberries. The double twist of lemon juice and zest (finely grated peel) is what makes them shine. Photos by Evan Atlas. more→

8 Delectable and Healthy Vegan Muffins

Vegan orange-chocolate chip muffins

A healthy vegan muffin recipe that’s moist and cake-like isn’t hard to find — here are 8 of our favorites to choose from. Incorporating whole grains, fruits, and nuts, these muffins are good for any time of day as a treat or dessert; they’re also a fantastic addition to portable lunches. Here are some of VegKitchen’s favorites; make sure to browse through all of our vegan muffin recipes.

Pretty streusel-topped Double-Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins (at top) are not only delicious, but contain a dose of Vitamin C from fresh orange juice as well as concentrated orange juice. The concentrate also contributes sweetness as well as color. 


Dillicious Herb-Stuffed Muffins

Dill muffins by Debbie Adler from Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats

Here’s a savory dill muffin recipe with all the most vibrant herbs your spice rack or garden can hold. My favorite is dill. Its fragrance and flavor enhance any dish. And with the additions of rosemary, thyme, and oregano, this muffin smacks of a garden Alice Waters might have planted. Recipe contributed by Debbie Adler, from Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats: Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery.* ©2013 Harlequin books, reprinted by permission. Photo by Carl Kravats. more→

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

This vegan banana muffin recipe featuring chocolate chips yields a sweet and moist result. They’re a scrumptious treat for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dessert. This recipe uses ripe bananas rather than eggs for binding. Recipe contributed by Laura Theodore, from Jazzy Vegetarian, Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious (Book Publishing Company), reprinted by permission. Photos by Evan Atlas. more→

Quinoa, Apricot, and Oat Muffin Clusters

Quinoa Apricot Mini-Muffins

These light and healthy quinoa, apricot, and oat muffin clusters boast an irresistible creamy, crunchy sweetness. Apricots are rich in iron, potassium, vitamin A and fiber. They’re also flourless and vegan. Enjoy these yummy, good-for-you treats — they’re nutrient-rich and delish! Recipes and photos contributed by Jennifer Strohmeyer of Virtually Vegan Mama. more→


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