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What is a Vegan Diet?
Posted by Nava on April 11, 2012 | Comments (3) | Healthy Eating Tips

What is a vegan diet, and how is it different from a vegetarian diet? Sometimes called a plant-based diet, vegans avoid all animal products in the diet, including eggs, dairy product, and even honey. Vegetarians avoid meat, fowl, and seafood;  For most vegans, ethical factors weigh in equally, if not more so, as health and environmental […]


Tips to Transitioning to a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle
Posted by Dr. Linda Kennedy MS SLP ND on January 4, 2008 | Comments (33) | Nutrition

Congratulations! You are now a vegan! Now what? You, like millions of others, have taken a huge step in an effort to improve your health, minimize animal cruelty, and maybe become closer to religious beliefs and ideologies, or possibly all of the above. Making the decision to become vegan isn’t the challenging part for the majority.