Healthy Vegan Snacks, Appetizers, and Dips

Deviled eggless tomatoes

VegKitchen offers an array of easy, healthy vegan snacks, appetizers, and dips for the grazing pleasure of adults and kids alike! Here is our listing of tasty and nutritious treats, from everyday to celebratory, many of which are based on vegetables, grains, and other whole foods. Photo by Hannah Kamnisky depicting Deviled Tomatoes (see recipe listed below).

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Especially for kids and teens:

For snackers of all ages:

Vegan 4-layer bean dip

Vegan Four-Layer Bean Dip

Appetizers and Finger Foods

Glazed and spiced mixed nuts

Sweet and Spiced Glazed Nuts

Dips and Spreads

Smoky vegan cheddar cheez

Smoky Vegan Cheddar Cheez

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