How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

Apple cider vinegar

Many of you have already heard that raw, organic, and unfiltered apple cider vinegar can assist in weight loss and overall well-being. ACV is a probiotic, and has many additional health benefits. Here we explore how apple cider vinegar as part of a healthy diet can help you lose weight while at the same time, acting as a tonic for the body.

Although many fad diets that create rapid weight loss have come and gone over the years, it is encouraging to note that the apple cider vinegar diet leads to gradual weight loss. It would be nice if we could shed pounds quickly and never see them again, but experience has shown that weight that leaves easily comes back easily.

If you lose weight quickly, your body will oblige you by kicking in mechanisms to make it more likely this weight will slip back on in no time. But if you can be patient and do not expect instant results, your fat cells will adjust to their new size more willingly and not insist on contributing on your waistline.

Take it before meals
When you give it some thought, it makes good sense that drinking apple cider vinegar before meals would help with weight loss. Apples are a good source of pectin, and including pectin in your diet can make you feel fuller and more satisfied. Since apple cider vinegar contains the same amount of pectin as apples (one apple has about 1.5 grams pectin), it can suppress your appetite in a similar way.

There is also good science behind why apple cider vinegar would encourage weight loss even more effectively than eating raw apples. In general, acids help with the digestion of protein, the building blocks for some of our hormones, especially growth hormone.

We’ve seen how this hormone is instrumental in breaking down fat cells. By increasing the acid present in your stomach before a meal, you’ll ensure the chances for thorough digestion and increase the availability of protein for hormone synthesis.

Protein utilization
Greater protein utilization helps the formation of growth hormone, the substance that keeps the body’s metabolism going while we’re at rest. This is why it is important to drink apple cider vinegar before or with your evening meal.

Stimulates digestion
Because apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion, it also reduces the amount of time that fats remains in the digestive tract. It’s important that your body gets a chance to remove key nutrients from your food, and conditions that contribute to diarrhea can be life-threatening.

At the same time, it can be unhealthful to have food remain in the intestines for too long. If fats present longer than necessary during digestion, more fats will be absorbed.

Apple cider vinegar works at the very beginning of the digestive process to stimulate your appetite and increase your interest in food. Normally, you wouldn’t think of this as being the direction you want to go in if you’re trying to lose weight. But apple cider vinegar works positively to support your efforts by increasing your interest in whole foods.

Utilization of iron
ACV can improve the body’s utilization of iron, a nutrient that acts like fire-starter for fuel. Iron is a key component in substances that carry oxygen to the cells and hold it there. It’s the ability of apple cider vinegar to increase iron utilization and energy consumption in the body that makes it such a supportive food for weight loss.

A great source of potassium
Apples are a great source of potassium, and likewise, apple cider vinegar, taken on a regular basis, will contribute the potassium you need to help balance the sodium in your diet. In fact, try replacing salt in your diet with apple cider vinegar. Use it to top foods you might be tempted to salt, such as vegetables or protein foods. A little vinegar over a plate of beans is a regional favorite in many parts of America.

Recommendation for taking ACV to lose weight
Here is my recommendation for taking apple cider vinegar to lose weight, based on the work of Dr. Jarvis and others:

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar + 8 ounces water *
  • Drink before meals 3 times a day

* Though this author recommends 1 to 2 teaspoons of ACV per cup of water, other sources call for 1 tablespoon per cup of water or other liquid, and that seems to be what VegKitchen readers have found most effective.

Excerpted from Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss & Good Health* by Cynthia Holzapfel (Book Publishing Co.), reprinted by permission.

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How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

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1,317 comments on “How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight?

  1. Monique

    I don’t have the luxury of being able to workout. Can I still take this and not workout at all? My goal is to lose about 30lbs.

  2. Marguerite Hubbard

    I am taking apple cider vinegar with water and adding a packet of Stevia (a natural sweetener).
    It is really delicious! I am hoping to lose
    10 lbs over the course of three months! So
    far, I feel much less “sugar craving.” That
    helps the weight loss experience a whole lot!

  3. Nava

    That’s a good tip, Marguerite. Stevia also comes in liquid drops, and a little goes a very long way … natural sweetening with no added calories.

  4. Nava

    Monique, it won’t hurt to try this, but some exercise —even walking —is always helpful. For weight maintenance, it’s still a matter of calories and calories out. Even if you can’t join a gym to do workouts, you can stretch and do weights while watching movies or TV at home; and just find as many ways as you can to do extra walking.

  5. Nava

    1 tablespoon of honey is 64 calories — not terrible, but you might want to try doing 1 T vinegar at at a time — 2 tablespoons may be too much, and then cutting the honey to 1 tsp. Or, if you have access to stevia, that’s a natural sweetener with no calories at all.

  6. revathi

    I didnt get bagg apple cider veniger I get american garden natural apple cider vineger shall I use it to loss weight

  7. Micki stephenson

    I have never posted a review on any website before but feel compelled to do so here. I was having gallbladder issues and started taking Braggs ACV daily in the morning with some apple juice in November 2013.. It is now march 2014 no gallbladder pain, over 25lbs lost and feel better than I have in years. I will forever take this daily.

  8. Palmer

    I searched for Braggs because my child woke up with a tingling in his scalp then the hair there fell out. I dabbed the area with acv in an effort to keep the hair follicles clean so his hair can grow back. I have since started drinking 2 tablespoons in 8oz of water. I did it twice the other day, 3x’s yesterday and once so far today. Aiming for 3x’s a day for inflammation and wight management. I must admit I am feeling very energetic. Hmm, could this be the acv?

  9. christina

    I wanna try this really bad I’m at gym 5 to 6 days a week trying to take in less calories so far so good I have a weight problem I’m getting some tomorrow if it helps I’ll comment again

  10. faye rivkin

    I have trouble digesting apples so i’ve been told not to use unfiltered acv. do you think that filtered acv would have the same effects? thanks!

  11. Nava

    Faye, that’s a very specific question to which we have no answer. However, it’s assumed that this method works best with the raw Bragg’s type of ACV.

  12. Needo

    Guys, apple cider will help u lose a lot of weight. Eat less than 1000 calories a day(1500 MAX), walk 30 minutes a day, chop a cucumber into slices and pour apple cider all over these slices. Lost 2.2 pounds in 1 day

  13. Nava

    Mark, not a good idea. the ACV is very hard on your tooth enamel. Taking it in water is better overall for your stomach, too.

  14. Jim

    I just started on my ACV journey 3 days ago, my body has never been healthier and it literally cleared my colon, I feel so much lighter! This blog here is helping me lose weight:

  15. Kathy

    I’m taking 2 tsp, 3x a day. I mix mine with green iced tea–much better tasting than mixing it w/ plain water! I also have been on the Metabolism Miracle plan. Only two weeks out, lost about 3 pounds. I hope this works.

  16. Mrs Keisha Hughes

    Is it okay to drink it with Apple Juice. I’m just starting my ACV Braggs journey. Can I add it to my applesauce as well? I’m looking for ways to incorporate it into my diet. All suggestions are welcomed.

  17. ayofemi

    I am currently trying to lose weight I’m going to try this I will keep updated with results.

  18. rachel sumlin

    I have been drinking ACV for 6wks now, when I when I poop I feel a pulled from the upper left side of my stomach, I have no pain and I’m not straining is that normal???

  19. Maureen

    Guys I want to loose weight so badly I tryed to jog but nothing is happening , I want to try acv & see if there will be any difference. I won’t stop jogging thou!!!hope it works.

  20. Laurie

    Will Apple cider vinegar pills work? Over the summer, I was taking Nature’s Way ACV supplement pills 3xday. I just heard about Bragg ACV and it dawned on me, that I seemed to have more energy last summer and I did lose a few pounds. Not sure if it is just a coincidence or if it was the pills. Do you know?

  21. Nava

    That’s a good question, Laurie, but one to which I don’t know the answer. It’s possible though, or maybe it was the fact that most of us feel better and are more active in the warmer months! In general, I think it’s best to use the actual ACV if convenient for you.

  22. Edwina

    I’m turning 50 in two days and I need to lose weight . I’m
    Going to try the ACV plan 3times a day . I hope it
    Works . I’ll post again after some time

  23. ALICIA


  24. Katy

    The key word is “Help” you lose weight. I think some people might be under the impression that if you start drinking ACV the pounds will just fall off, unfortunately it’s not that easy. It’s great for suppressing your appetite though. If anyone’s looking for a diet program that works, here is the one I follow, I love it:

  25. eddi

    Hello. I have been using ACV in an 8oz glass of water with fresh lemon juice and pure honey three x a day. I have noticed in one month all my food taste much better. I love fruit and veggies and ACV enhances the great taste. I work out more as a result of feeling better about body. In one one month I can notice a flatter stomach.

  26. Shirley

    Hi to everyone 😉
    I saw a earlier post about eating 3 meals a day and take the apple cider in water and drink with your meal. My problem is I do not eat 3 meals a day. I only eat two and at sometimes one. Can I still take it three times a day?

  27. Bryan Horton

    I have been taking 1tablespoon of acv, 1tablespoon of lemon juice, and 1tablespoon of raw honey in 8oz of water 3x a day. I started on January 15th and on April 1st I have lost 25 lbs!! But I watch my calories and eat better than I did before.

  28. Andrea

    Takela, if you’re trying to lose belly fat, check out Katy’s comment above you. It’s a fantastic program.

  29. Rose

    Was told about Braggs ACV several weeks ago. Purchased it two days after hearing about it and love it. Take upon rising with organic honey and room temp water and a squeeze of lemon. It’s rare I get it more than once a day but I’ve noticed my abdomen is flatter. In addition, when I can do my stretches (have sciatica problem) find I’m not as sore.

  30. Amanda

    I have been trying to lose weight for a number of months an nothing seems to work I have tried watching what I eat and eating healthier.. I started to excercise but nothing works and I’m busy during the day chasing two little kids and two dogs around while cleaning the house. I am going to try this and I really hope it works I’ll comment in a month and let everyone know how I’m doing.

  31. Donna

    You can buy ACV at any Kroger it’s sold in the Organic section…so you might want to try the organic isle of your local grocery store and the raw honey too. (I bought a 32 oz bottle today for $4.99 it was on sale).

  32. sana

    I didn’t get Bragg apple cider vinegar; I got American Garden Natural Apple Cider Vinegar. Shall I use it to lose weight? Please reply.

  33. Katherine

    For those who hate the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar, try mixing it with orange juice, it works wonders. 🙂

    Also, I have to agree with others. ACV isn’t a weight loss miracle. That’s not to say it doesn’t work, just try not to set unrealistic expectations.

    You’ll see the very best results if you take ACV alongside a solid diet plan. If you’re unsure about the diet side of things, I’m also a massive fan of:

    Good luck people! I’m about to have my ACV and orange juice now 🙂

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