Natural, Healthy, and Fun Mother’s Day Gifts

fruit basket of apples, oranges, pears While it’s good to tell and show your mom that you love her every day, Mother’s Day is the day when you must walk the walk and go above and beyond. The hard part isn’t deciding to shower your mom with affection and proof that you think she’s amazing. The hard part is deciding how to shower your mom with affection and proof that you think she’s amazing.

Traditionally, the holiday has been one of cards, brunch and giving mom a day off from her regular Mom duties. Often there are small gifts—gift cards for pampering treatments at a spa or a coveted book. This year, what about choosing from some of the amazing Mother’s Day Gift baskets out there? What about a gift basket that you supplement with things that you’ve made yourself?

How many meals has your mom made for you over the course of your lifetime? A lot, right? Why not repay the favor and, instead of taking her out for brunch, you make brunch for her at home? Why not take it a step further and make all of her meals for her on her special day, as well as supplying her with some homemade snacks.

There are lots of benefits to taking this route:

  • It’s more economical to make your own food gifts
  • It’s easier to accommodate dietary restrictions and quirks.
  • It’s healthier to make everything yourself—especially if you make everything from scratch.

Making things yourself is as much a gift of your time and care as it is of the thing you are making and will almost always be even more appreciated than something store bought.

A really fun thing to make for your mom is home-made fruit snacks. Remember all of those packets of fruit snacks and fruit rollups that you ate growing up? Make some of them for her! These snacks, when homemade, are healthy and tasty.

Homemade fruit leather, for example, can be made really easily using a food processor and your oven. Simply choose the fruit you want to use, puree it in the food processor with some lemon juice, spread on a lined cookie sheet and then bake at a low setting (around 140º F) in the oven (with the door cracked) for a few hours.

If you want to make your snacks a little more fun, you can use those silicone molds with the fun shapes (like hearts, bunnies, flowers, etc.) You can also use these kinds of molds to make ice pops from fruit purees.

These are just a few ways to spoil your Mom and show her how much you love her this Mother’s Day. Use these as a jumping off point to come up with your own unique ideas!



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  1. India Flower Plaza

    This is really a healthy gift idea for your mom. It will be also become a fun loving gift idea when you mix healthy snacks and fruits with flowers and chocolates. It will be little different compared to other gift ideas.

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