VegKitchen’s gluten-free vegan recipes

Gingery rice with sweet potatoes and peas

It can be challenging to be either vegan or gluten-free, but when you’re both, it’s doubly tricky to find suitable recipes. VegKitchen offers lots of vegan, gluten-free recipes for every meal. Use this list as a great resource for easy, everyday recipes to suit both dietary needs.

For all recipes that contain products that have both GF and non-GF versions, (like soy or teriyaki sauces, broth, and tortilla products), read labels carefully to be sure you’re using GF versions. Please contact us (form is above right) if we’ve gotten anything wrong here as far as GF and we will make the correction post haste!


Gluten-Free Breakfast recipes


Southwestern style main dishes


Soups for all seasons


Global Stews


Tofu and Tempeh


Main-Dish and Hearty Grain and Bean Salads


Salads on the side

Potato Salads


Roasted Vegetable Dishes


Sandwiches and Spreads

"tofuna" salad

“Tofuna” Salad Sandwich Spread


Slow-Cooker Recipes


Glorious Grains


Classic Rice Dishes



Bountiful Beans

Bean Stews and Chilis

Lentils and Peas

Other Bean Main Dishes


Easy Vegetable Sides


Bell Peppers

Broccoli and Cauliflower



Fresh Corn

Green Beans

Hardy Greens

Leeks, Onions, Etc.




Sweet Potatoes


Winter Squash

Zucchini & Other Summer Squashes


Vegan Breakfast Recipes


Savor and Flavor

Salsas, Chutneys and Relishes

Simple Sauces and Such

Classic Salad Dressings


Vegan Appetizers, Snacks, and Dips


Fruitful Flavors

Apple and Pear Desserts

Fruity Compositions

Vegan Baking and Sweets

Vegan Ice Cream


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  1. mary

    This website is incredible. I don’t know where to start. Thank you. I have been wracking my brain and eating the same stuff over and over again.

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