Picnic Pleasures

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A great part of the fun of going on picnics is choosing a lovely outdoor venue. A hike at a nature preserve is sure to whet the appetite. For families with young children, an ideal spot for a casual picnic with little ones is a community park, combined with a visit to a great playground. For some, nothing appeals more than a picnic at a beach. To get off the beaten path, try local historic sites. A perfect spot adds much to the enjoyment of a picnic; the experience is transformed from merely eating lunch outdoors to a refreshing lift for the spirit and all the senses.


Additions to the menu: Bring along some fresh breads, seasonal fruits, naturally sweetened cookies, and plenty of beverages.


  • I like to include of a variety of cold dishes, such as sturdy grain, bean, pasta, or potato-based salads.
  • Everyday sandwiches are a real yawner when you crave something different. Try muffins instead, or flavorful fresh breads served with a tasty spreads.
  • Marinated salads have great staying power, as do salads with some mayonnaise (I like soy mayonnaise from the natural food store) in them.
  • Though lugging a lot of liquid is weighty, bring plenty of beverages. Everyone always seems much thirstier than usual when eating outdoors. I like to bring juices in lightweight recyclable plastic bottles.
  • While wicker baskets are more romantic, knapsacks and Styrofoam coolers are more practical. To store food for portability, I like to use flat, lidded plastic storage containers. Once the food is eaten, they can often be nested inside one another.
  • Bring a good wine to a picnic that won’t involve strenuous hiking, nor driving soon afterwards. An outdoor concert is an ideal venue for such a picnic, and quite romantic, at that!

Picnic basket with wine

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  1. Nicole

    Wow! These are very yummy and healthy picnic recipe options. Now, I can have more salad during our leisure times. Thanks for this!

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