Nava’s Late Winter – Spring 2013 Speaking Schedule — Food, Books, and Art

Postal Angst by Nava AtlasThis spring you will find me all over the map, traveling to various venues to speak about my personal work as well as to demo the joys of healthy plant-based food. Please join me if you are in the California bay area, suburban NYC, Raleigh-Durham NC, slightly upstate NY, or Portland, OR:

Feb. 10 – 13, Richmond, CA: Codex International Book Fair — I will be exhibiting my limited edition books (including Sluts & Studs, Dear Literary Ladies, Mislabeling Hillary, Postal Angst, Why You Can’t Get Married: An Unwedding Album, and more), as well as the trade editions of The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Writing Life, and Secret Recipes for the Modern Wife.

March 10, Great Neck, NY:  Great Neck Library — A plant-strong plan for the spring holidays — a demo and discussion of Vegan Holiday Kitchen  – 2 pm.

Wild About Greens by Nava Atlas - coverMarch 23, Raleigh, NC: Wild About Greens — food demo, discussion, and potluck, co-sponsored by the Kadampa Center and the Triangle Vegetarian Society. 6 pm.

March 25, Durham, NC: Presentation and talk for the academic community and public at Duke University’s Rubenstein Library with Nava Atlas and Clarissa Sligh, tentative subject: gender, race, and identity in artist’s books. Time TBA

April 12-14, New Paltz, NY: Mohonk Mountain House — Food and Wine Festival -“The Plant-Based Palate,” a weekend of food demos and tastings with Nava Atlas, Fran Costigan, Leslie Cerier, and Whitecliff Winery. My demos will feature Wild About Greens.

May 24-26, Portland, OR: Vida Vegan Conference — Speaking on two panels at this annual vegan food and lifestyle blogger’s event.

June 15, Guilderland, NY: Guilderland Public Library — Demo and discussion featuring Wild About Greens as part of Guilderland LIbrary’s Tastes Good/Get Healthy Series. 11 am


4 comments on “Nava’s Late Winter – Spring 2013 Speaking Schedule — Food, Books, and Art

  1. Anna

    I am very interested in seeing you when you come to Duke, but I cannot find anything about the event on the Library’s site or anywhere else. Do you know how I can find out more about this?


  2. Nava Post author

    Hi Anna,

    The event hasn’t been announced yet, as we are still coming up with the exact title and time. Best way to keep posted about this is to continue to follow my facebook author page (I don’t post there all too frequently), or sign up for VegKitchen’s monthly newsletter (sign-up form is at the top right of every page); I’ll continue to announce events and venues each month, close to when they occur. And I’m guessing that the event will go up on the Rubenstein Library’s web site by the end of Feb.-early March. Thanks so much for your interest; keep in touch and hope to see you there!

  3. Laura

    Looking forward to meeting you in NY. You made going veg (and now vegan) a little bit easier and definitely yummier. Making one of my go to recipes tonight and it just happens to be yours.

  4. Nava Post author

    Thanks, Laura. One venue I don’t have on the list yet, as I haven’t confirmed it, is the NY Veg Festival, March 5, in NYC. I’ll announce it if it does happen. Which event are you thinking of coming to?

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