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Ready-to-Eat Vegan Spreads You’ve Got to Try

Sesame kingdom spreads

It can be fun to make tasty spreads when the mood strikes, but sometimes that mood doesn’t. That’s when these delicious ready-to-eat vegan spreads come in handy. Just add fresh bread, whole-grain crackers, or healthy chips. Here, we’re going to sample sesame spreads, artichoke pesto, vegan cream cheese, vegan butter, and guacamole. more→

5 Simple Ways to Use Baked Tofu

Orange-Glazed Tofu and Broccoli

I’ve long considered marinated baked tofu a great product and have wondered why it has taken so long to make its way onto supermarket shelves. Finally, it’s getting there! As always, it’s easy to find at any natural foods store, usually shelved alongside the tofu tub varieties.

If you’re unfamiliar with marinated baked tofu, it’s a firmer, chewier, flavored variety. It comes in cellophane-wrapped packages (usually 8 ounces), and is ready to eat as is or to combine with other ingredients in hot or cold dishes. Here are 5 simple ways to use this fantastic product. more→

Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauces & More

Maya Kaimal Indian simmer sauces and naan chips

I can whip up decent Asian-style dishes, but I never got the hang of making authentic-flavored Indian dishes at home. It’s not all that difficult, as demonstrated by the brilliant Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. The truth is that I’m just too lazy to deal with roasting and grinding and mixing and measuring all the myriad spices that add up to those amazing flavors.

For me, making a curry has always meant dumping curry powder into something or another, and If I’m feeling really ambitious, adding some ginger. And while that’s not terrible, doing so doesn’t give the dishes the deep, complex flavors of Indian cuisine. more→

8 Ways to Use Tube Polenta: Recipes and Ideas

Tube polenta slices with syrup and fruit

Are you looking for a great polenta recipe? The kind where the coarse cornmeal is cooked to a smoothish mush, then let it solidify and cut it and bake it and… If so, you’ve come to the wrong place. Here we’re talking recipes for polenta that comes in a tube, a great natural product that lends instant character to all kinds of dishes. Here are 8 ways to use tube polenta — recipes for some, simple ideas for others.

As for tube polenta nutrition, it’s not a powerhouse, but not at all bad, either! You’ll get zero fat, a little protein and iron, and a surprisingly good amount of vitamin C. Best of all, tube polenta will dress up even the simplest dishes, and even on its own with little or no embellishment (I’m looking at you, Baked Polenta Fries), can be surprisingly yummy.  more→

Amy’s Vegan Lunch Box Hacks for Your Busiest Days

Amy's vegetable pie pocket sandwich

Most any parent likes the idea of sending their child to school with a hearty school lunch, but some days, you just don’t have the time or energy to make that happen. And when it comes to purchasing lunch in the school cafeteria, vegan and vegetarian kids and teens are often at a disadvantage. The following Amy’s vegan lunch box hacks come to the rescue!

You’re not a bad parent if you don’t always have the wherewithal to make from-scratch hot meals or even repurpose dinner leftovers to use for lunch. That’s where good-quality prepared foods like these come in. There’s a wide array of choices in the vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free range. Most are organic as well. more→


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