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De-Bugging Your Beauty Routine: Vegan Makeup

Pacifica makeup

Not all women wear makeup, but for those of us who do, we often devote a lot of time and energy to putting it on, especially when we’re going on a date. I usually begin to plan what cosmetics I’m going to wear when I pick out an outfit for a special occasion. For many of us, it is a fun and important part of preparing for a big night out with a partner or meeting someone new.

Although many cosmetics contain animal products, or were tested on animals, there is an abundance of cruelty-free and vegan makeup available. There’s no need to worry—with an all-vegan makeup collection, as Prince said, “U Got the Look.” Excerpted from Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal by Maya Gottfried © 2018. Published by Skyhorse Publishing, reprinted by permission. Photo at top:  Pacifica Cruelty Free Vegan Makeup. more→

7 Hot Vegan Trends for 2018

2017 was a happening year when it came to hot vegan trends. An all-around push toward veganism as a lifestyle, above and beyond the plant-based diet, was exciting and encouraging. Here are just a few of the indicators that “vegan” is a hot trend and here to stay:

  • In the fall of 2017, American actress Laverne Cox announced she has gone vegan.
  • British grand prix sensation Lewis Hamilton too, made news when he went Vegan midseason.
  • Google searches were already encouraging for keyword – ‘Vegan’ — a rise by almost 90% in 2016 as compared to previous years.
  • Global fashion houses seriously contemplated the use of alternatives like pineapple leather and synthetic material over animal derives.
  • The vegan leather industry is set to explode in the coming years, hitting $85 billion global mark.
  • These trends clearly signify that Veganism is here to stay.


How to Enjoy Being Vegan While Traveling with Non-Vegans

Cropped image of assorted salads in a buffet

Going on vacation as a vegan is not as simple as booking a flight and a place to stay. You have to consider the typical cuisine of the area and the awareness and understanding of veganism, too. Here are some essential trips on how to enjoy being vegan while traveling with — and among — non-vegans.

For example, it’s pretty easy to find vegan options in big cities like New York or Berlin, but it might be harder to enjoy your eats in places like Hong Kong or Bangkok.

This doesn’t have to be anything to stress over, though, even if you’re traveling with non-vegans. In fact, finding the right options to suit each lifestyle can become an added adventure to enjoy on your trip! Here’s how to go anywhere with anyone without compromising your vegan values. more→

How to Grow Fresh Vegetables With Hydroponics All Year Round

Colorful bell peppers

Have you ever thought about starting an indoor garden? Home gardening brings great joy to growers. It also helps people save money, and produces fresh vegetables for a plant-strong diet. What’s more, it lets gardeners control how plants are grown —that is, organically and without pesticides — making it safer and healthier. Let’s take a look at this introduction to how to grow fresh vegetables with hydroponics so that they’re available and fresh all year round!

Some people assume that an indoor garden needs a large space, soil, irrigation system, and sunlight. It’s not that hard. There are some great solutions to growing food at home; hydroponic gardening is among the most efficient of them. more→

6 Great Natural Skin Care Remedies Straight From Your Kitchen

fresh lemons

Does your skin need a serious cold weather pick-me-up, yet you’re not up for splurging on professional facials and body scrubs, or skin care products that make inflated claims? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, here are some great alternatives that may be in your kitchen right now. If you’ve been spending too much time outdoors in the cold or indoors in the dry heat, these natural skin tonics and exfoliants will soothe and tone your skin.

What’s even better — these natural remedies for parched and tired skin are probably in your fridge and pantry right now. Take the first three — cucumber, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice — internally as well as externally to boost your glow! more→

How to Create a Vegan Shopping List on a Budget

If you’re vegan or thinking of going vegan, there’s one major concern: how are you supposed to fit all that fresh produce and exotic food into your budget? Being vegan has long had a negative stereotype of being the diet of choice for affluent yuppies who are disconnected to the budget concerns of the more average household. What you really need is to know how to create a vegan shopping list on a budget.

But in reality, you don’t have to break the bank going vegan. Many recipes simply substitute out butter for even more affordable options like vegetable oil, for instance. Read on to learn how to create a vegan shopping list on a budget.

Here’s how to create a vegan shopping list on a budget.

Plan versatile meals

What tends to make vegan shopping look so intimidating is all the fancy recipes that call for exotic foods like tempeh. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll want to keep your meals as simple as you can. What really ups the grocery bill is all the exotic, specialty flavorings and additives like miso paste and spirulina powder.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll need more flexibility in your cooking as you scour the ads for what’s on sale, what’s seasonal and what’s in your specific budget.

Ideas for flexible meals include salads, pastas, sandwiches and wraps, burritos or burrito bowls, stir fries, veggies and hummus, smoothies, anything potato-based like baked potatoes and potato curry, smoothies and healthy grain bowls like oatmeal with fruit toppings. These are all basic ideas with cheaper, easily accessible food options. Many of these ingredients can be mixed up, as well, like hummus sandwiches.

Plan based on categories

After you’ve identified your flexible eating options, pick up what you can within your budget out of four basic categories: fruits, veggies, grains and vegan protein sources. That will allow you to have a balanced, complete diet.

What you get will depend on what you decide to make. You’ll need greens if you want salads or beans for bean burritos, for instance.

The other way is to work backwards. Figure out what’s on sale this week or within your budget, and plan from there. Is spinach in season/on sale? Looks like a good excuse for a basic vegan spinach salad. If you notice a coupon for quinoa, it might be quinoa bowl week.

Identity a few must-have specialty items

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you’re restricted from the world of jazzing up your meals a little. This is where you’ll decide which vegan specialty flavorings you must have and fit them into your budget. This will vary wildly depending on your taste.

Common affordable vegan flavoring ideas include Sriracha sauce, basic spices like oregano, vegan mayo and sesame oil. You’ll also want to identify the cheapest milk sources, if you use a lot of it. Then again, you may want to cost compare the actual nuts to the nut milk, since a comparison at Mother Jones found that getting actual almonds gets you all those nutrients of the nut, without that nut being watered down and overpriced.

You’ll want to aim for the types of flavorings that go well with your versatile dishes and can even be used across different dishes. Like how vegan mayo is great for sandwiches and makes a great base for many vegan salad dressings.

25 Vegan Celebrities: The Most Famous Vegan Celebrities on the Planet

vegan celebrities

There are several vegan celebrities in the movie and music industry. Vegan celebrities are important to give a voice to the importance of plant-based food. The motivations of celebrity vegans range from animal rights, health, or the environmental impact and animal cruelty inherent in the factory farming of meat. Here is a list of 25 of the most famous vegan celebrities on the planet.

25 Vegan Celebrities

Alec Baldwin

vegan celebrities

Image: RoidRanger

The star of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live’s show-opening Trump sketches is a celebrity vegan. He grew up on a farm and didn’t like the idea of hurting those cute animals that were his friends. When he was diagnosed as a pre diabetic, Alec made the switch to a full-vegan diet.  

Russell Brand

The comedian and actor has been an off and on again vegan since October 2011. He has said,   “If you have any concern at all for animal welfare, you’ve got to not eat meat.”

Miley Cyrus

For several years people were wondering if the pop singer was in fact vegan, but she has made it clear lately that she is in fact among thevegan celebrities. She has been very vocal on her Instagram feed about being pro animal, anti-hunting, and vegan AF.

Liam Hemsworth

With the intensity of his fiancé’s veganism, it is no surprise that Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are celebrity vegans. He attributes his Vegan lifestyle to the mistreatment of factory farmed animals.

Brad Pitt

Brad has been a vegan for quite a long time. His veganism is rumored to be based in environmental concerns surrounding the factory farming industry.

Sir Paul McCartney

This Knight of the British empire might just be the King of vegan celebrities. Paul has been a vegetarian since 1975, but seems to have taken a more hard-line vegan stance at some point in the last 40 years. McCartney was instrumental in starting the Meatless Monday campaign in the UK. His diet has been credited with his youthful looks.

Kate Mara

The House of Cards actor is very vocal about being a vegan. She cites health, animal rights, and environmental reasons for her choice to be a vegan.

Rooney Mara

The Mary Magdalene actor chooses to eat vegan for similar reasons as her sister for being vegan celebrities. She has attributed her vegan diet to her ability to eat a lot and not gain weight.


Pop icon Jennifer Lopez credits her plant based diet for her bangin body, and says that it gives her tons of energy. Last month, J-Lo told Glamour that the only animal based item that she really misses is butter.


Sean Carter, the Don of East Coast rap for more than two decades. At the urging of his wife Beyoncé, He has chosen to Join her as celebrity vegans.


Pop Icon Beyoncé has chosen to go plant-based, but she does not like the term “vegan” because she says that there are negative associations with it. She has said that she feels great and has a lot more energy on her plant-based diet.

Olivia Wilde

The well known actor, Olivia Wilde, has been a vegetarian for most of her life. She has been adhering to a plant-based diet for several years, but took a hiatus during her pregnancy.


The former Smiths frontman has been saying that “Meat is Murder” since 1985. He has not become any less passionate about animal rights over the last three decades either. He is still very outspoken about the evils of factory farming and animal rights. Morrissey is certainly royalty among the vegan celebrities. 

Jared Leto

Suicide Squad’s Joker and Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman has been vegetarian and/or vegan for a couple of decades. He attributes his mid-40s youthful looks to his plant-based diet.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen has been a vegan for several years, yet the talk show host, actor, and comedian has recently has come under fire for joking about eating fish. She has also developed a line of shoes that use leather in their construction. She still claims to eat an entirely plant based diet, however.

Portia De Rossi

Arrested Development actor, Portia De Rossi attributes her plant-based diet on a revelation that animals are far more intelligent and aware than we give them credit for. Portia and her wife Ellen DeGeneres are celebrity vegans together. 

Casey Affleck

The A Ghost Story actor has long been an outspoken proponent of animal rights, and as such, has adopted a plant-based diet.

Ellen Page

The Juno, Inception, and X-men actor is very vocal about animal rights and her vegan lifestyle. She frequently uses her twitter to address these issues.

Jessica Chastain

This Oscar nominee has been vegetarian or vegan for most of her adult life. She rejects the culture of cruelty that surrounds the meat industry.

Mayim Bialik

The Big Bang Theory actor is vegan, and the video above gives a better insight into why.


The Wu Tang Clan member is a vegan. He believes that a better tomorrow is one where we are not dependent on the suffering of animals.

Peter Dinklage

The Game of Thrones actor has been a vegetarian for a decade and a half, and has become a vegan recently. He has been very outspoken in his support of PETA and other animal rights groups,

Ariana Grande

The pop singer has said that she loves animals more than people. She chooses to eat a plant-based diet to keep herself healthy, and because of her deep love of animals.

Natalie Portman

The Thor Actress has been a vegetarian or vegan for several years. She has credited her plant-based diet with her glowing and healthy skin.

Carrie Underwood

The American Idol and multiple Grammy and ACM winner has been meat free from the age of 22. She says that she has a great variety of vegan options in her home of Nashville, Tn. Underwood stays away from meat for health and because she recognizes the problems of factory farmed meat.

How to Become a Vegan

Superfoods for weight loss

So you’ve decided you want to become a vegan, now what? As with any lifestyle change, there will be challenges and the process will take persistence and dedication. Here are a few tips on how to become a vegan.

Know the rules

It’s pretty simple. Vegans only eat foods derived from plants. No animal products should be consumed which means flesh and skin itself as well as products produced by animals like eggs, milk, and honey. Once you know the rules, you can create your plan to change.

Start gradually

There is no rule that you need to be vegan right-this-very-minute. Some people have a hard time letting go of certain foods emotionally while others have some digestive difficulties with the diet change. Don’t feel that you need to rush in. Slow and steady wins the race.

Try making simple swaps here and there, perhaps once a meal or even once a day. Little by little it will become easier—not to mention that you will be able to note the positive effects as you go.

Focus on nutrition

Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as being healthy. In order for a vegan diet to work properly for you, it’s important to make sure that you get all of the nutrients your body needs.

Eat whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and go easy on the packaged vegan foods. While it may be exciting to load up on vegan snacks that you had never noticed before it’s not necessarily doing your body any favors.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Radically changing your diet and lifestyle is sometimes hard. Whether it’s because you’re not quite sure how to prepare a certain food or you don’t really know how to field the questions from your friends and family, the transition can take you to some new and confusing territory.

This is normal and totally okay—everyone who has made the change has been there. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others in the community for support, or to peruse blogs so you can read about other people’s stories. You can learn a lot about how to become a vegan from the experience of others.

Remember your why

Whenever you’re feeling tempted or moody with cravings, always remind yourself why you’re doing this. Write down your motivations and keep them somewhere visible to you every day.

Reward yourself

Making the steps to makeover your lifestyle is serious work. You have to be committed and open to learning lots of new information on how to become a vegan in order to change your lifestyle for the better. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself! Set milestones like one week, one month, and one year and celebrate once you pass them. Grab a delicious vegan coconut ice cream or even indulge in a nice full body massage—you deserve it!

Stick with it

Just keep going. Sometimes it will get hard, admittedly, but those hard moments will pass. Remember why you’re doing this and just keep going. If you slip up, forgive yourself and get back on track. Trust the process and know that after a month or so it will be a whole lot easier.

Share it with others

One of the best ways to reduce the skepticism that your friends and family may have about your new lifestyle is by sharing how to become a vegan with them. Prepare a delicious meal or bring them a special treat (if you haven’t discovered raw vegan desserts yet, then that’s a good place to start!). Then they can learn how delicious this lifestyle can be.

Change, in general, can be hard but don’t let that intimidate you. If going vegan is what you feel is right for you, follow these steps and you’ll be there in no time. 

The 10 Best Vegan Blogs

quinoa protein bowl recipe

Looking for your next vegan meal idea? You’ll never be at a loss for what to make next with the 10 best vegan blogs. They’re all chock full of ideas for your next cooking adventure. Whether you’re looking for dessert ideas or a filling meal, the 10 best blogs have you covered. Here are the 10 best vegan blogs.

  1. Edible Musings

This blog is a treasure trove of vegan recipes, from rustic Irish veggie stew to lentil shepherd’s pie. This blog’s focus is on nutrient-rich whole foods in their most natural form. The blogger took the dive into plant-based cooking after reading about the health problems from the Standard American Diet (or as it’s referred to on the site, SAD). Many of the recipes are truly creative, like deviled potatoes that look just like eggs in the photo.

  1. Sprouted Kitchen

This blog does a good job of adjusting recipes based on different dietary needs. There are ideas for leaving out eggs, dairy and gluten, for instance. The blog focuses on using whole, natural food. And it has a special focus on cooking seasonally. The cooking really focuses on keeping natural produce in its pure state so as to not overpower it, as well.

  1. Olives for Dinner

Erin’s blog is devoted to finding the best ingredients in her recipes that have complimentary textures and flavors. She details her early forays into vegan cooking and her journey of realizing that vegan foods are best prepared with special techniques, or the food can be tasteless and sad. Make the most of her learning experience by following her wonderful vegan recipes.

  1. Simple Vegan Blog

The philosophy behind this blog is to keep the ingredients simple. Many of the recipes focus on being fast and easy, too. Examples include three-ingredient vegan pancakes and five-minute lentil dip. So if you love being vegan, but don’t want to spend your whole life in the kitchen, give this blog a look.

  1. My Darling Vegan

This blogger stared her food blog after quitting her life as a food service employee. She now focuses on plant-based recipes. She models her blog on an accessible approach, using whole food ingredients that are easy to source.

  1. Vegan Crunk

If you’re looking for some comforting Southern cooking, this blog is totally devoted to going vegan without giving up your Southern favorites. Her cookbook is filled with soul food and country cooking classics, all completely vegan.

  1. Veggies Don’t Bite

The tagline for this blog is “cooking with plants and lovin’ it!” This blog takes a more laidback approach to being vegan. She recognizes that we’re imperfect beings in an imperfect world, so if she orders something and an animal product can’t be subbed out, she realizes that’s just the world she lives in. She admits to being vegan about 90 percent of the way, while making a strong effort to avoid animal products and offering tons of fully vegan recipes.

  1. Hell Ya It’s Vegan

As the name suggests, this blog is devoted to making food so good you’ll never believe it’s vegan. Recipes featured include vegan Cadbury crème eggs and vegan sloppy Joes. It also has lifestyle tips like growing your own sprouts.

  1. I Love Vegan

I Love Vegan offers both healthy vegan recipes and lifestyle tips, like transitioning into a vegan life and eating on a budget. The couple who blogs at this site became vegan in 2012 after learning about the horrors of factory farming.

  1. Fragrant Vanilla Cake

If you have a major sweet tooth, you’ll want to check out this blog. It features tons of creative vegan desserts, like vegan brownie cookie dough cake. There are also vegan snacks and savory dishes.


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