Vegan Menu

Vegan Menu: Chickpea Sandwich & Potato Salad

Chickpea and kale sandwich spread

It may not quite be summer on the calendar today, but it’s just about here. With heat settling all over, the weather takes no notice of the date. A cool meal is most welcome at times like this. The only heat needed for this light and tasty dinner featuring our almost-famous chickpea sandwich spread is a way to cook the potatoes, which you can do ahead of time — microwave or cook, whichever you prefer. Once that’s done, this meal is a breeze.

Let’s start with the tasty team of chickpeas and kale in Chickpea and Kale Sandwich Spread. It makes a great spread for bread, a filling for pita bread or a wrap (along with some tender lettuce and sliced tomatoes), or layered scoop of it on a sturdy flatbread and served open-face. You can also use a romaine lettuce leaf in place of bread, or just serve it as is. more→

Vegan Menu: Greek Lentil Salad & Cucumber Soup

Greek Flavored Lentil Salad with Tofu "Feta"

When summer heat makes its stand, one of the biggest favors you can do for you and yours is to center your dinners around main-dish salads. Greek Lentil Salad with Tofu “Feta” is a perfect example. This hearty cold dish is easy enough to make for everyday meals, and impressive enough to serve on special occasions. more→

Vegan Menu: BLT Wraps & Polenta Fries

Tempeh "bacon" lettuce tomato wraps and polenta fries

This fun vegan menu offers up easy BLT wraps — Tempeh Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Wraps, to be more exact. And would you like fries with that? Sure you do. You’ll love our fuss-free polenta fries, with a fraction of the grease and guilt of ordinary fries.

If you’d like to make your own tempeh “bacon” to use in TLT wraps or as a side for tofu scrambles and such, you’ll find an easy and tasty way to do it. Prepared tempeh bacon is good, but this DIY version of tempeh bacon allows you to control the flavor and tweak it to your liking. These tempeh bacon, lettuce, and tomato wraps are perfect for dinner, and also make a nice portable lunch. more→

Vegan Menu: 15-Minute Chickpea Masala Dinner

15-minute Chickpea masala dinner

Weeknights rarely feel like a good time to experiment with exotic ingredients and elaborate preparations. If you’re craving, let say, Indian flavors and want dinner in a hurry (without doing take-out — again!), you may feel like you’re out of luck. So for today’s vegan menu, we dived into our collection of Vegan Dinner Hacks and pulled out one of our favorites, a 15-minute Chickpea Masala dinner.

You read that right — the entire meal takes 15 minutes to make, thanks Maya Kaimal’s line of luscious, complex Indian simmer sauces. They make anything taste like it came from the finest Indian restaurant. Look for this line of sauces in natural foods stores (if yours doesn’t carry them, ask them to special order for you, or better yet, to start carrying them! There are other brands of Indian sauces —many are vegan— such as Trader Joe’s, but MK’s remains our favorite. more→

Vegan Menu: Greek Potato Stew

Greek potato stew recipe

When warm weather settles in, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy comforting fare like this easy Greek Potato Stew with Zucchini and Green Beans. Though it’s bursting with summery flavors in a mellow tomato base, it can actually be enjoyed any time of year. My favorite time to make it is in late spring or early summer rainy days or evenings when the temperature takes an unexpected dive. A fresh, crusty bread is a great addition — something to soak up the deliciousness that remains in the bowl. more→

Vegan Menu: Black Bean Tacos & Cabbage Apple Slaw

Black bean and squash tacos

Let’s start the week off with a colorful and healthy vegan menu. Garlicky black bean soft tacos are enhanced with yellow summer squash are actually less work than meets the eye. The black bean base of these soft tacos has a wonderfully garlicky and smoky flavor. Yellow squash, chili peppers, and dried tomatoes add even more flavor and color. So aside from being easy to make, this main dish is even easier to serve — everyone assembles their own tacos at the table. more→

Vegan Menu: Spanish Vegetable Stew

Spanish vegetable stew

Yes, it’s spring, but evenings can still be chilly and/or rainy, so this warming Spanish Vegetable Stew is just the thing for this week’s vegan menu. A classic seasonal stew (menestra de verduras), it has many regional variations, and can be made with different vegetables according to season. Constant ingredients include potatoes, carrots, and green peas; artichokes are the most characteristic. Fresh artichokes are called for in traditional recipes, but using the canned or frozen variety simplifies the process. Though it’s a stew, it’s nice and light, and with plenty of fresh asparagus, more→

Vegan Menu: Layered Taco Salad

Layered Vegan Taco Salad

For our Monday vegan menu, we’re already looking forward to Friday — Cinco de Mayo! If you make Mexican-flavored vegan Layered Taco Salad for dinner tonight, you might just love it enough to repeat it at the end of the week. It’s that easy, and that good.

This layered taco salad is a cousin to loaded nachos. The heat is supplied by a layer of Amy’s Chili (for convenience), and the spice by chili peppers or salsa. If you’d like to go DIY, this is also an excellent way to use leftover Classic Veggie Chili. This will keep you full and satisfied for hours. more→

Vegan Menu: Pasta with Spinach and Chickpeas

Pasta with Spinach and Chickpeas

A hearty pasta dish that’s on the table in 30 minutes is the star of this week’s Mvegan menu. Pasta with greens and beans is a classic Mediterranean combo, and Pasta with Spinach, Chickpeas, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes is a tasty take on the trio. Make sure to read on for a perfect salad pairing for this dish, and a tempting and easy (though optional) dessert. more→

Vegan Menu: Sesame-Ginger Tofu Broccoli Stir-Fry

Sesame-ginger tofu and broccoli

I could live on Asian-style stir-fries and noodle dishes. They’re so versatile and simple to make, perfect for busy weeknights. Case in point, Sesame-Ginger Tofu Broccoli Stir-Fry. It’s inspired by General Tso’s Tofu, but dispenses with the cornstarch-battered, deep-fried tofu.This version, with pan-sautéed tofu, plenty of broccoli, and a savory, sweet, and spicy sauce even more appealing. It’s easy and fast, too — a stress-free way to start your week. Serve it over cooked brown rice or any other grain you prefer. more→

Vegan Menu: Black Bean & Zucchini Tortilla Casserole

Black bean and zucchini tortilla casserole chilaquiles recipe

Hearty, filling Black Bean and Zucchini Tortilla Casserole is also known as chilaquiles. Whatever you choose to call this classic Southwestern dish, it features layers of soft corn tortillas with beans and cheese (vegan in this case). Adding zucchini and chiles adds to the lively flavors. It’s easy enough to make for a weeknight meal, and doesn’t take long to bake.

As an optional addition, you can make your own vegan sour cream topping. It’s made from silken tofu and is great as a garnish for Southwestern-style dishes like this tortilla casserole.


Vegan Menu: Eggplant Pizza & Spinach Salad

Eggplant, fresh tomato, and olive pizza

In our home, pizza night has almost always been more of a Friday kind of meal. Pizza dinners are great way to crash at the end of the week, accompanied by wine or beer and a movie. But there’s no earthly reason that a semi-homemade pizza can’t be enjoyed on a weeknight. It’s so simple to make, with readymade crust, vegan mozzarella, and fresh veggies.

Fresh Tomato, Eggplant, and Olive Pizza features a trio of delectable toppings, making a simple vegan pizza special. This one uses fresh tomatoes rather than pizza sauce, for a distinctively different kind of flavor; though that being said, if you want to start with a layer of pizza or marinara sauce on the crust, we don’t object.  This pizza goes down easy, so double the recipe to serve a hungry crowd, as this makes 6 slices, serving 2 to 3. more→


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