Vegan Menu: Buddhist’s Delight & Tri-Color Slaw

Buddhist's Delight recipe

Here’s a easy and healthy vegan menu that’s easy enough to make on weeknights, and special enough to make for company. Buddhist’s Delight is a hearty stew-like version of a dish inspired by a Chinese restaurant classic, with colorful vegetables and high-protein seitan in a savory broth. Thick noodles give it the touch of comfort we all need at the end of a busy day. A robust slaw is the perfect companion.

Tri-Color Coleslaw

For this everyday meal, Tri-Color Coleslaw or any of our other simple slaws add some nice raw crunch to the plate.

scallion pancakes

If you have more time and energy, make this meal a feast with Scallion Pancakes. Otherwise, the Buddhist’s Delight and slaw are more than enough for a great weeknight meal. That being said, if you want something more, add some veggie spring rolls from your natural food store’s frozen food section.

Buddhist's delight stew

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2 comments on “Vegan Menu: Buddhist’s Delight & Tri-Color Slaw

  1. Carol

    All of these are delicious and delightful, with one of my favorites – Scallion Pancakes. I am so grateful for all your wonderful creations – you help to make being a Vegan a most pleasurable journey! Happy New Year!

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