Mimi Kirk’s Raw Almond Cookies


3 comments on “Mimi Kirk’s Raw Almond Cookies

  1. Jenny

    Hi, Mimi! I just found you recently on fb, & love what I’m seeing! Do you have a written copy of this recipe, so I can print it out? Sounds yummy & I’m excited b/c I haven’t known what to do with all my almond pulp! Also, I don’t do well with coconut… any suggestions for substitutions? Thanks! :)

  2. mimi kirk

    hi jenny, leave the dry coconut out, not a problem with the taste. however the coconut oil has a lot to do with the wonderful texture in the finished product. not sure what a replacement would be. you can go to my website youngonrawfood.com and go to my recipes. you can copy any recipe, and paste into a word doc. then print it out. there are other recipes on the site that you might like also. xoxox

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