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Essential Fatty Acids for the Vegan Diet

Flaxseed varieties

Essential fatty acids are one component of a healthy, well balanced diet. Healthy fats seem to be getting more press lately, especially in the vegan/vegetarian world, as many people find that they don’t feel their best eating a low fat, high carbohydrate diet.

This may be because many people, even vegetarians and vegans, are healthy-fat deficient. Getting enough essential fatty acids is really one of the easiest things to do. It isn’t like trying to find an animal product-free source of vitamin B-12, or worrying over getting enough calcium, iron, or vitamin D. This is because EFA’s are found primarily in vegetarian foods, and even omnivores turn to plants for their EFA’s. One popular example is supplementing with flax seed oil which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Continue Reading…

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