\ Annie Berthold Bond, Author at VegKitchen

Annie Berthold Bond

Make Spring Cleaning a “Green Cleaning”

green spray bottleSpring is traditionally the time for major housekeeping activities. Unlike the routine dusting, wiping and vacuuming that go on with some regularly throughout the year, this is the season for cleaning underneath and behind things, rejuvenating the furniture, refreshing the carpets, and airing out the house after a winter of confinement. more→

Reusable, Long-Lasting Kitchenware and Accessories

It’s worth keeping track of your garbage for a few weeks. Watch what you throw away, and ask yourself if each item you are throwing away could be replaced with a reusable substitute. more→

How to Compost at Home

Carrot tops, onion skins, orange peels, and even coffee grounds can be put in an outside pile or bin of some sort, then covered with grass, leaves, and brush to decompose into a rich, dirtlike organic material full of nutrients that makes excellent soil fertilizer and is called compost. You can keep adding layers of fruit and vegetable matter, covering with leaves and grass, making the compost bin or pile your main place to discard food waste. more→

How to Freeze Vegetables and Fruits

Frozen Vegetables

Here are some handy guideline and tips on how to freeze vegetables and fruits properly. Flash-frozen food loses fewer vitamins and minerals in processing than any other of the preserved foods. The faster it’s frozen, the more nutrients it retains. Freezing produce is also the quickest, easiest, and safest procedure of all the techniques for preserving.

Vegetables are simply blanched, cooled, packaged, and frozen. Fruit is cut, dipped in an ascorbic acid bath, and frozen, or cooked in a syrup and frozen, or cooked in a syrup and frozen. Tomato sauces can be made when tomatoes are falling off the vines, and frozen for a ready-made midwinter spaghetti sauce. more→


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