\ Goldie Caughlin, Author at VegKitchen

Goldie Caughlin

Winter Produce for the Pantry and Kitchen

Onion and garlic varieties

Winter produce for the creative pantry and kitchen includes liberal and imaginative use of tubers and roots, dark sturdy greens, all of the allium (onion and garlic) family, and an array of multicolored, whimsically shaped hard-shelled winter squashes.

Cold-weather vegetables are true multitaskers, capable of nourishing and sustaining us in fragrant pots of warming soups and casseroles, or simply steamed, roasted, or baked. The brilliant colors, assertive flavors and crisp textures of winter vegetables and fruits used raw or marinated in salads and slaws are also outstanding.

There are many compelling reasons to “follow the seasons” in our kitchen as we continue to learn more about healthful and responsible eating. In this country, on average, most food has traveled some 1,500 miles to reach us, all powered by petroleum. Eating seasonally means eating more regionally grown foods as they come into season, supporting local agriculture, economies, the environment and our health. And it’s delicious too! more→


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