\ Norene Gilletz, Author at VegKitchen

Norene Gilletz

White Bean Dip

White bean dip with veggies

This quick, versatile cannellini bean dip is marvelous with assorted vegetables. Serve with red, green, and yellow pepper strips, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, and celery sticks. It also makes a super spread on toasted whole-grain or pumpernickel bread. more→

Tortilla Spirals

These pinwheels are so pretty if you use different-colored flour tortillas. Tortillas come in a variety of colors, such as red, green, and yellow, and flavors including sun-dried tomato, pesto, spinach, and whole wheat. Try the different fillings and combinations suggested as variations. more→

Garlic-Roasted Carrots

Garlic-roasted carrots

These garlic roasted carrots are absolutely addictive! Roasting brings out the natural sweetness of carrots, and garlic and onion become sweeter with roasting as well. Recipe contributed by Norene Gilletz, reprinted by permission by Whitecap Publishers from Norene’s Healthy Kitchen.more→

Fresh Food Fast by Peter Berley

Vegetables at a farm market

When I opened award-winning  author Peter Berley’s book Fresh Food Fast: Delicious Seasonal Vegetarian Meals in Under an Hour* (Regan Books, $34.95 U.S.), I  was hooked. Here was an incredibly busy chef, teacher and family man who spoke my language. Berley understands how little free time most people have  these days to cook healthy, hearty dinners made from fresh, flavor-packed ingredients.

Berley, together with  Melissa Clark, offers recipes for 48 delicious, seasonal vegetarian meals  that can be prepared with ease in under an hour. There are 12 mouthwatering menus for each season, including recipes, a shopping list organized by grocery aisles and an equipment list. There are  delectable dessert recipes for each season. The recipes will bring pleasure  to vegetarians and omnivores alike. more→


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