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Check Out These Vegan Spins on Tailgating Staples

A man dipping a pita bread slice in a traditional hummus plate

It doesn’t get much better than gathering with good friends on a crisp, fall morning, all bundled in your favorite team’s colors, preparing to cheer on the best players in the league. That is, unless you could somehow combine your love of football with your vegan diet.

Typical tailgate parties conjure up visions of grilling meat, dairy-laden dips and egg-based sweet treats that leave very few options for the true vegan. Vegans are accustomed to making do with the odd carrot stick or packing their own snacks at parties, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Luckily, you don’t have to throw out every tailgating guide to create a vegan tailgater’s dream. Continue Reading…

Best Vegan Restaurants – Seattle

best vegan restaurants Seattle

Are you getting ready for a night on the town or just looking for a quick bite to eat? If you’re vegan, it isn’t as simple as walking into your nearest eatery.

Fortunately, restaurants that cater to vegans are on the rise, and there’s no better place to indulge than the hip city of Seattle.

Seattle may have made its mark with coffee, but the city’s vegan cuisine is nothing to scoff at, either. Check out some of the city’s best vegan restaurants.

1. Plum Bistro

For a sophisticated vegan take on comfort food favorites, locals love going to Plum Bistro. Handmade pizzas, gourmet burgers, and tempting entrees make this mouth-watering eatery a must visit when in the Seattle area.

Don’t miss out on the BBQ glazed plant loaf. This probably isn’t your mother’s meatloaf, but it tastes just like home. Plum Bistro may not be one of the absolute best vegan restaurants Seattle has to offer, but it is a strong contender due to their numerous comfort food options.

2. Kati Vegan Thai

If you’re craving a little southeast Asian cuisine, you may want to head down to Kati Vegan Thai. The masterminds at Kati blend traditional Thai cooking methods with innovative new flavors.

The results are unusual yet addicting selections such as garlic jackfruit on sticky rice and pumpkin curry. Of course, they also have traditional favorites like the pad Thai and the tom yum noodle soup.

Head on down between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm and take advantage of their Happy Hour prices every day of the week.

3. Pizza Pi

Vegan pizza? You bet. When you’re craving a pie in Seattle, you may want to check out Pizza Pi. Celebrated as America’s Oldest Vegan Pizzeria, this eatery offers gluten-free, no-frills pizza for any vegan palate.

All pizzas include the “Teese” vegan cheese by Chicago Vegan Foods unless otherwise noted on the menu. You can build your own pie or order one of their specialties. They also have pizzas with meat for anyone in your party who is a dedicated carnivore.

4. Harvest Beat

The folks at Harvest Beat apply their philosophy of goodness and unity to their kitchen. Everything they use is organic, environmentally-friendly, and locally sourced if possible.

Harvest Beat offers a prix-fixe menu that changes with the weather and availability. The result is an ever-changing menu of creative plant-based dishes. This creative vegan eatery is certainly one of the best vegan restaurants Seattle has to offer.

The five-course menu may feature items like a caper berry cake with wild rice leek fondue or wild-foraged lobster mushroom chowder. Because the menu items aren’t fixed, Harvest Beat may be a good option for the vegan with an adventurous culinary spirit.

5. Heartbeet Organic Superfoods Café

As the name implies, all the foods at Heartbeet Café are derived from organic superfoods. Upon first glance, you may think it’s just another juice bar, but you would be wrong.

Yes, they do serve the requisite juices and smoothies, but they also have raw superfood bowls such as the Hungry-No-More that has a variety of nutritional favorites like spinach and kale tossed in a lemon tahini dressing.

In addition, they also have warm grain bowls, soups, and a selection of raw desserts to warm your vegan tummy. All their foods are gluten-free and dairy-free. They also try to serve most of their selections raw, but double check with them if that’s a concern for you.

6. No Bones Beach Club

Ready for a fun night on the town? You may want to head down to No Bones Beach Club. This whimsical tiki-themed restaurant features delicious cocktails and an inspired vegan menu. You’ll find typical bar food, but with a special vegan twist.

Check out their eggplant fries served with a poblano-paprika aioli. For heavier fair, try their beer-battered avocado tacos—and don’t forget to order a cocktail!

They also have a generous selection of non-alcoholic beverages and mocktails for those in your party who are too young to imbibe or who simply don’t wish to.

Make No Bones about it. This playful eatery is one of the best vegan restaurants Seattle has to offer.

7. Next Level Burger

Sometimes you just want a burger, but where can a vegan get a burger in Seattle? Head over to the Next Level Burger. Sure, it’s an Oregon-based restaurant chain and not something “authentically Seattle,” but sometimes you just need an easy fix.

By eating here, you are not supporting the local independent eateries, but no one has to know. Indulge in all the guilty pleasures this restaurant has to offer. The burgers are plant-based and the fries are oven-baked—or deep fried in organic sunflower oil on request.

This may not be the infamous golden arches, but it’s pretty close for vegans. And it’s worth every calorie-laden bite.

8. Veggie Grill

If you want another fast food option, you may want to try Veggie Grill. Yes, it’s another restaurant chain, but it’s quick and efficient for vegans on the go.

This California-based chain offers your standard veggie burger and fries, but they also have other delicious plant-based offerings, such as convenient veggie bowls and appetizers to share.

This city staple may be one of the best vegan restaurants Seattle has to offer for locals. It is also a great healthy option for those looking for a no-frills, casual dining experience.

9. Highline Bar

If you’re a fan of metal and punk music, this dive may be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you are looking for a place for a quiet meal out, this one may not be for you. Still, the live music combined with hardcore themed dining selections is a great break from the norm.

Highline Bar has traditional pub grub with catchy names. “Satan Fingers,” anyone? Don’t be scared, they’re just seitan strips prepared like chicken strips.

They’re open late for a great night out, but leave the kids at home as this place is only for visitors aged 21 and over.

10. Portage Bay Cafe

Portage Bay Café is the place to go when you want to enjoy a mid-week brunch. Some of their locations serve brunch all day long, seven days a week.

While they have mixed diet options for the meat eaters in your life, they also have great vegan options for you, too. Try their vegan banana pancakes made with organic rice flour and organic rice milk, or order any of their House Favorites with the vegan option.

This family-friendly eatery also has special healthy selections for the little ones in your party. And if brunch isn’t your thing, they also have a lunch menu.

Their menus vary depending on location, though, so you may want to double check on their website before heading over.

Final Thought

From grab n’ go to pub grub with musical bite, Seattle has a variety of places to eat. These are just a handful of their best vegan restaurants, and Seattle has many more to offer—so get out and explore the next time you are in the city.

Best Vegan Restaurants – San Jose

best vegan restaurants San Jose

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the best places in the US to be a vegan. The variety of vegan restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and eateries is stunning. Many non-vegan places also have vegan options on their menus. Where are the best vegan restaurants? San Jose has some of them.

1. Happiness Cafe

Happiness Cafe is one fine eatery that ranks among the best vegan restaurants San Jose has to offer. It is located on Hostetter Road and is open every day of the week. This place is exclusively vegan and offers a wide range of delicious dishes.

The drinks on the menu include a wide range of smoothies, freshly pressed juices, cold drinks, coffees, teas, and more. The food menu is made up of vegan sandwiches, snacks, rice and noodle meals, pasta, and salads. House specials include the waffle nugget and Phish and Fries—a vegan take on the classic fish and chips recipe.

2. Curry Up Now

If you’re up for Indian and Mexican street food, be sure to drop by Curry Up Now. The place is located on Zanker Road and opens up at 11:30 AM. They also take catering and online orders. Though primarily vegan/vegetarian, Curry Up Now also serves meat.

A fusion of two seemingly distant cuisines, Curry Up Now’s menu offers meals like the tikka masala burrito. Another customer favorite is the samosa with beans and rice. Also make sure to try some of their signature dishes.

3. Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill currently has over 30 restaurants across the country, two of them in San Jose. Both are great places that rank among the city’s best vegan restaurants. The San Jose restaurants are located on Olin Avenue and Saratoga Avenue.

Whichever of the two locations you decide to visit, try Kevin’s “Chicken” Cobb salad, the LUXE burger, or the All Day breakfast burrito. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the pumpkin spice cake. Wash it all down with one of their original fountain beverages.

4. Sogo Tofu

For the lovers of Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, Sogo Tofu might be one of the best places in town. The restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan-friendly food based on traditional recipes. The place is located on De Anza Boulevard.

Some of the patrons’ favorites include the Taiwanese hamburger, seaweed with tofu, and rice rolls. You might also want to try their radish pastry, tofu and peppers, and curry pastry.

5. Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant

The next exotic destination on the menu is Ethiopia. Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. The restaurant is located on the corner of Saratoga and Payne Avenues.

Some of the favorites from the vegan/vegetarian menu include the vegetarian platter (the dish is 100% vegan and is made for 2 people), the doro tibs, and the kik alicha split pea stew. The restaurant also serves a variety of meat-based dishes, which makes it a great place to take your meat-eating friends.

6. Luna Mexican Kitchen

Although not a vegan/vegetarian place, Luna Mexican Kitchen does have a number of vegetarian and vegan-friendly items on the menu. The restaurant is located on The Alameda, and they also offer online ordering and catering.

Some of the vegetarian options can be modified to vegan. The most popular items on the vegetarian/vegan menu include the elote (corn with chili and lime), los tacos dorados de papa, and fruta con chile.

7. The Happy Hooligans

Their exceptional palette of delicious vegan meals, great service, and casual atmosphere rank The Happy Hooligans among the best vegan restaurants San Jose has to offer. The restaurant is located on Branham Lane and is open Tuesday to Sunday. They also provide online ordering and catering services.

The menu is focused on healthy renditions of classic comfort foods, such as burgers, fish and chips, and pasta. The restaurant also offers a wide range of fruit juices and vegan desserts.

8. Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

Ike’s Love and Sandwiches is a sandwich chain that currently consists of over 40 shops. You can find Ike’s in San Jose on Olsen Suite Drive, Prospect Road, Curtner Avenue, Skyport Drive, West Santa Clara Street, East Santa Clara Street, and Hillsdale Avenue. They also offer online ordering and catering services.

While not a dedicated vegan place, Ike’s does offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. The Dutch crunch and the Menage A Trois are among the most popular vegan sandwiches. Additionally, most of the non-vegan sandwiches can be made vegan.

9. Vegetarian House

Vegetarian House has been in business since 1994. A staple on lists of best vegan restaurants, San Jose has very few vegan eateries as renowned as this one. The restaurant is open seven days a week and also provides takeout and catering.

The menu consists of international appetizers and salads, noodle dishes and soups, raw dishes, and western-style foods. It also has a dedicated allergy-friendly section. If you decide to pay them a visit, make sure to try their quinoa sushi, Bun Hue noodle soup, Rainbow (a house specialty), and spring roll noodles. The magnificent coffee crumb cake with ice cream is the perfect way to end your vegan meal.

10. Good Karma Artisan Ales and Cafe

A little bit different than the rest of the places on this list, Good Karma Artisan Ales and Cafe centers on quality brews. It is located on 1st Street and combines the look of a Belgian tavern with a pleasant atmosphere.

Aside from the stunning range of craft beers, Good Karma also offers an extensive food menu. All items are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. So, while you’re enjoying your favorite IPA, you could also order some vegan pork buns or vegan chicken wings. Their chana masala is great as well.

11. Adelita’s Taqueria

A place does not have to be 100% vegan for vegans to enjoy a good bite. Sometimes, all it takes is a good restaurant with quality vegan options on the menu. Adelita’s Taqueria is one such place. The restaurant is located on Curtner Avenue, and they also cater.

The menu is based on Mexican cuisine, but it also offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The plantain burrito is the absolute highlight of the vegan side of the menu, but you should also try their veggie fajitas and potato enchiladas.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the Bay Area and are looking for the best vegan restaurants, San Jose is one of your best bets. Though we didn’t include every quality vegan and vegan-friendly spot in town, this list is a good place to start.

Best Vegan Restaurants – San Francisco

best vegan restaurants San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area is among the most vegan-friendly places in the US. Whether you like Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food, San Francisco’s got it. Mexican, classic BBQ, healthy smoothies, and delicious vegan cookies—whatever you think of, you’ll likely find it here

If you’re looking for cafes and restaurants with excellent plant-based menus, here’s a short list of some of the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco.

1. Golden Era Vegan

With an immense reputation and exceptional food and service quality, Golden Era Vegan Restaurant qualifies as one of the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer. The restaurant is located on Golden Gate Avenue and is open daily from 10:30AM to 8:30PM.

The substantial menu is completely meat-free and covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Some of the most popular dishes include the Shrimp Delight, the garden vermicelli, the spicy noodle soup, and the curry beef. When it comes to desserts, the mocha cake and the Oreo cake are the crowd favorites.

2. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya offers a mix of traditional Japanese izakaya foods and modern American restaurant aesthetics. This fancy eatery is located on 14th Street and is one of the city’s most popular vegan places.

The menu is based on traditional Japanese cuisine, but with a modern vegan twist. A huge range of ramen, sushi, and salad options is bound to satisfy every vegan. Also, make sure to give their specialty sushi rolls a try. The Hidden Agenda, the Colonel’s Pipe, and the Secret Weapon are among the most popular.

3. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

The next restaurant on the menu is the famous Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant. While centered on vegetarian dishes, it offers a wide range of vegan options as well. The restaurant is located on Kearny Street and is open every day of the week.

The menu is based on vegetarian and vegan variants of classic Chinese recipes. Lunch menu highlights include the Pai Pa tofu balls and eggplant with soy sea bass. On the dinner menu, you can’t go wrong with the Golden Basket, fried won ton, and drumsticks with sweet and sour sauce.

4. Indochine Vegan

Though named after the southeastern portion of Asia, Indochine Vegan mostly offers meat and dairy-free versions of classic Korean recipes. This cozy little spot is located on the Valencia Street and is among the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has at the moment.

If you’re up for a fancy dinner, don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. Patrons’ favorites include the spicy cha cha, the Chef’s fried rice, and crispy spring rolls. Indochine also offers a wide range of healthy, vegan-friendly beverages.

5. Veganburg

If Indochine’s name was a tad deceptive, Veganburg’s name is 100% true. This is a completely meat-free burger joint and one of San Francisco’s most popular vegan places. It is located on Haight Street and serves food from 11 AM to around 9 PM every day of the week (10 PM on Fridays).

The Rasa Sayang Burg with lagi shiok, chicken patty made of wheat, gluten-free buns, and spicy sambal is the absolute crowd favorite. Make sure to give their Haight ‘n’ Salsa, Mustang relish, and Hawaiian teriyaki a go as well. Top it all off with seaweed fries, homemade lemonade, and a vegan soft serve.

6. Loving Hut

Loving Hut is a classic fast food restaurant but with a twist—its menu is completely vegan. With outstanding food and service quality, Loving Hut is one of the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer. San Francisco locations include Sunset and Westfield Mall. The Sunset location is closed on Wednesdays, while the Westfield restaurant works seven days a week.

The Heavenly Salad, seaweed tofu soup, spicy cha cha, and the Sea Fruits Grill are among the most popular dishes. The Champion burger is the most prominent item in the Western section of the menu. A selection of vegan desserts and beverages is also available.

7. Greens Restaurant

The legendary Greens Restaurant is not only a popular vegetarian/vegan eatery, but also one of San Francisco’s landmarks as well. It is located on the Marina Boulevard, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marina. At Greens, the view is as much a part of the experience as the food.

Greens Restaurant offers dinner, lunch, brunch, and dessert menus. There’s also a wide selection of fine wines. Although not primarily vegan, many dishes can be made vegan on the spot. Make sure to try their mushroom phyllo tart and tofu brochettes.

8. Nourish Café SF

The story of Nourish Café began in 2015 when Sarah Bacon and Brighton Miller decided to open a place which would focus on healthy, 100% plant-based food. Currently, there are two restaurants—one on 6th Avenue and the other on Hyde Street. They take online orders and are open seven days a week.

The menu is mostly made up of quality juices, smoothies, breakfast, and brunch options. Make sure to try the “tuna” sandwich, the Golden Gate bowl, and the acai bowl. Pay them a visit and see why Nourish Café is among the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has at the moment.

9. Gracias Madre

If you are in the mood for quality Mexican food, then Gracias Madre might be the right place for you. This stylish restaurant offers plant-based Mexican dishes and a relaxed atmosphere. It is located on Mission Street and is open seven days a week.

The menu is seasonal and varies based on what is available on the restaurant-owned organic farm. Some of the best dishes Gracias Madre offers include their signature Bowl Uno, papas al horno, the Coliflor Frito, and the restaurant’s version of the Caesar salad.

10. Ananda Fuara

While not a fancy place, Ananda Fuara has earned its spot among the city’s prime vegetarian/vegan places with fantastic food and excellent service. The restaurant is located on Market Street and is open seven days a week.

The entire menu at Ananda Fuara is meat-free, with both vegan and vegetarian dishes. Dishes from the vegetarian side of the menu can be made vegan. Patrons’ favorites include their hot potatoes, while the dessert menu is the stuff of legends.

11. Thai Idea

As the city’s only meat-free Thai restaurant, Thai Idea has a special place in the hearts of San Francisco vegans and vegetarians. It offers a plant-based menu and a casual atmosphere. The restaurant is located on Polk Street and takes online orders.

The menu includes a huge variety of Thai recipes, with the crowd favorites including panang curry, papaya salad, samosa, and the immensely popular pad Thai.

Final Thoughts

With a huge variety of vegan eateries, San Francisco constantly ranks as one of the most vegan-friendly places in the US. While in no way exhaustive, this list is a good place to start your quest for the best vegan restaurants San Francisco has to offer.

Best Vegan Restaurants – Indianapolis

best vegan restaurants Indianapolis

Indiana is commonly known as the crossroads of America, so it’s no surprise that this is where you’ll find some of the best vegan restaurants. Indianapolis hosts a very diverse vegan cuisine with influences from all over the world.

The city has vegan, vegetarian, region-specific, and fusion restaurants as well, which means that it will take you a long time to sample everything. To make things easier, check out the following top picks for the best vegan restaurants Indianapolis has to offer and visit a few of them before heading to the big race.

1. The Sinking Ship

The Sinking Ship has established itself as one of the best vegan restaurants Indianapolis has to offer. Even though it has a bar-like setting rather than a traditional restaurant design, it is the best place in the city if you’re looking for bar food with a vegan twist. Thanks to its varied menu, it is also a place where you can bring your meat-eating friends.

The seitan wings are among the most popular dishes on the menu any day of the week. You can also try the chili dogs, taquitos dorados with buff jackfruit, the burgers, and the house salads. The Buffalo Cobb salad also comes with a choice of buffalo chicken or jackfruit, but it’s hard to tell between the two, so make sure to get your order right.

2. Ezra’s Enlightened Cafe

You can visit Ezra’s on 6516 Ferguson Street if you’re in the mood for sampling a true international vegan menu. The restaurant calls its food “enlightened.” Whether that’s true is up for debate, but one thing is certain: their vegan selection makes Ezra’s one of the best vegan restaurants Indianapolis has to offer.

You can start off with a fresh smoothie while waiting for your soup of the day, or you can choose from their salad and wraps menu. The sweet potato quinoa burger wrap is a crowd favorite. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can also try the pizza of the moment, which is generally made with fresh ingredients from local suppliers.

Last but not least, be sure to order some kale chips or curried sunflower seeds if you want something to snack on while engaging in ‘enlightened’ conversation over the Fall Detox or the Bloody Beet juice.

3. Greenleaf Juicing Company

Just because your menu includes more juices than salads and sides, doesn’t mean that you can’t be among the best vegan restaurants. Indianapolis is a diverse city and, as previously stated, the menus are quite varied from one vegan eatery to another.

GLC may focus a lot more on fresh juices and smoothies, but they also have a good selection of hearty bowls you can dig into. You can order acai bowls, quinoa bowls, quinoa salads, as well as chia bowls if you’re aching for something sweet.

Keep in mind that each of these dishes comes in at least three variants, so the menu is a lot more diverse than it originally appears. There are plenty of things to try, which is also one of the reasons why you can eat here quite often if you’re staying in Indianapolis for longer.

4. Public Greens

The Public Greens urban kitchen has two locations in Indianapolis. You can go to Broad Ripple on 902 E 64th Street or the Fashion Mall on 8702 Keystone Crossing. Both locations feature the same menu and are open seven days a week.

One of the most interesting things about this place is that it has its own micro farm which supplies the kitchen. Is that enough to make it one of the best vegan restaurants Indianapolis has ever seen? Not on its own, but then there’s also the menu.

The menu includes full plates, salads, snacks, as well as a decent assortment of proteins for your meat-eating travel partners. There’s a bit of everything on the Public Greens menu, but there’s still a heavy emphasis on vegan dishes and fresh ingredients. Public Green also donates part of its proceeds to the Patachou Foundation which fights childhood hunger in Indianapolis.

5. Garden Table

Garden Table is not your traditional restaurant either. However, its fixer-upper interior design and fresh menu crown it one of the best vegan restaurants. Indianapolis residents have been impressed for quite some time by the quality of the food as well as the mission of using freshly harvested ingredients on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a vegan eatery/juicery that lets you pick your dish from inventive seasonal menus, this is the place to visit when you’re in the mood for sweet, savory, and a bit spicy.

The jalapeno cornbread with warm tempeh and sage chimichurri is a crowd favorite. If you’re looking for something lighter, you may try one of the many sweet and minty acai bowl variations. Whichever way you go, Garden Table takes care of you whether you’re hungry, thirsty, or both.

6. Burger Fuel

Burger Fuel is one of those places that you either hate or love, but most Indianapolis residents seem to be drawn to this New Zealand fast food chain. Although it serves plenty of meat-based burgers, the vegan menu is also plentiful, so this is a non-meat eater’s hotspot in Indy.

The kitchen setup is pretty smart as they use separate workstations and equipment to handle vegan and animal products-based food. The setting is also quite interesting as it doesn’t give out the traditional busy fast-food joint vibe. Instead, Burger Fuel has a classy design that manages to incorporate a punk rock theme pretty well too.

If you’re craving a veggie burger, try the crumbled pumpkin, chickpea, and ginger patty. You can top it off with vegan aioli or provolone. The mushroom basil and truffle mascarpone patty is also a favorite and a great choice if you want to eat something a bit fancy.

Final Thought

Whether you’re visiting Indy for the race or just passing by, spend some extra time in America’s crossroad and enjoy eating at some of the best vegan restaurants. Indianapolis offers rich menus with dishes from around the world. It also has plenty of vegan eateries that work closely with local farmers and suppliers so that the customers always get fresh ingredients.

Check Out the 10 Best Vegan Restaurants – Denver

best vegan restaurants Denver

If you think that you’ll only find steakhouses in Denver, think again. The plant-based diet has a firm foothold with eateries in Denver dedicated to the vegan palate, despite historical stereotypes.

Here are ten of the city’s best vegan restaurants, from cozy cafes to fast dining options. Denver may not be known as a health food capital, but it’s sure on its way there.

Check out these vegan restaurants the next time you’re in town. Who knows? You may never pick up a steak knife again afterward!

1. Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods gives you healthy comfort food all day long. This eatery has you covered, whether you want gluten-free waffles for dinner or you’re craving cauliflower wings.

Watercourse has been serving all-vegan fare to Denverites since 1998, and is very popular with the local vegan community. This favorite is a good example of some of the city’s best vegan restaurants. Denver has a thriving vegan culture, but don’t just take anyone’s word for it.

Watercourse is open late all week long, so head on down the next time you get a craving for vegan comfort food.

2. WongWayVeg

Okay, so technically this isn’t a “restaurant,” but ask any Denver local and they’ll tell you that this one is a contender for one of the city’s best vegan restaurants. Denver may not be known for its food truck culture, but WongWayVeg could help put them on the map.

Check out their website calendar to find out where they’ll be. Once you track this food truck down, indulge in their local seasonal favorites. Try the Boulder Philly made with marinated portobello mushrooms, sautéed onions, and peppers, or stop counting calories and grab their salted caramel bread pudding.

3. The Corner Beet

Looking for a hip, cozy eatery to grab a healthy bite? You may want to check out The Corner Beet. All the food selections are fresh, organic, locally sourced, and cooked in-house when possible.

However, you may have to look elsewhere if you’re looking for gourmet vegan burgers. The Corner Beet excels at serving simple foods–creatively. With 16 types of toast, salads, and acai bowls, it’s a great down-to-earth place to grab a light meal.

4. City, O’ City

Wonder where the locals go for some good eats? They head to City, O’ City in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Their late hours, creative menu, and artisan beers make this a great option for a go-to spot to meet up with friends.

From “chicken” and waffles to kimchi pancakes, this restaurant has a little bit of everything for most palates. Expect to make some friends when you eat here, though, as the dining room is communal seating only.

5. Beet Box Bakery & Café

You may want to head down to Beet Box if you’re looking for one of the best vegan restaurants Denver has to offer.

It’s not really a restaurant at all, but you’ll forgive this little fib when you try their vegan bakery creations. All baked goods are made in-house and are free of dairy and eggs.

Try out their vegan pastry menu. Pick-up a dozen vegan donuts in vanilla, apple, pumpkin, or chocolate flavors, or try one of their gluten-free muffins and scones.

If you’re not in the mood for sweets, this bakery also has a sandwich menu with mouth-watering choices like the Cremini Panini and avocado melts.

Be warned: the menus aren’t extensive, but everything on them is baked to perfection.

6. Blooming Beets Kitchen

Blooming Beets Kitchen may be a specialized dieter’s dream eatery. Ketogenic, paleo, vegan – you name it, they cater to it.

This versatility is certainly among the key reasons to add Blooming Beets Kitchen to the list of best vegan restaurants. Denver has a wide selection of vegan-friendly restaurants, and this is just one example.

Start your dinner off with an order of avocado fries served with a chive aioli or dive right into a plate of superfood tacos with fried cauliflower rice served in cassava-coconut shells. Don’t forget to order a vegan ice cream sandwich for dessert. Your stomach will thank you for it.

7. Vital Root

Vital Root features bold plant flavors in a fast-casual dining atmosphere. When you just want a relaxed meal without pretense, you may want to head on down to this eatery.

Their extensive lunch and dinner menu features favorites such as sunflower risotto and chilled miso ramen. They also have Grab and Go options and Happy Hour specials.

Keep an eye out for their special Raw Pop-Up Dinners. Hosted on the first Monday of every month, these exclusive events feature four creative courses at a moderate price.

8. Sputnik

Looking for something different for dinner? You may want to check-out Sputnik. It’s a full service bar and restaurant with a funky ambiance and free Wi-Fi. There is no parking lot, though, so you will need to plan accordingly.

Try out a zucchini dog instead of the traditional hot dog. If you want an appetizer, forgo the fries for fried Brussel sprouts tossed in garlic oil and apple cider vinegar.

If you’d rather get an early start on your day, Sputnik has you covered with a modest vegan brunch menu. Order the Stacks of Vegan Power or the Hangover Scramble to start your day off right.

This eatery is open really late too, so you can get your vegan grub up until 2 am every day of the week.

9. Root Down

Looking for a local favorite while in the LoHi neighborhood? Root Down may be the restaurant for you. Their mostly organic menu features selections that you can request to be cooked vegan.

Keep in mind that this is not exclusively a vegan restaurant. However, they do cater to vegan and gluten-free diets, so many of their dishes can be converted to your special tastes.

Order the vegan Summer Risotto with stone fruit succotash and baby greens or go light with an artichokes and green chickpeas salad. It is served with roasted garlic hummus and quinoa crackers.

Root Down makes a great option if you have a party with multiple dietary needs. What’s more, they are open for brunch as well as lunch and dinner.

10. Jerusalem Restaurant

It’s important to point out that Jerusalem Restaurant is not a vegan restaurant. However, this family-owned Mediterranean eatery has a variety of vegetarian options that vegans will be happy to eat. Add to that the close proximity to the University of Denver’s campus and this may be among the best vegan restaurants Denver has to offer.

Order traditional favorites like falafel, hummus, and baba ghanouj or pick up some tabbouleh or stuffed grape leaves. The menu specifies “vegetarian” or “vegan” so there’s no confusion when you order.

Jerusalem Restaurant also serves meat favorites for your carnivore friends. Stop by any time because this eatery is open until 4 am every day of the week.

Final Thought

If you are a vegan in Denver, you have a variety of dining options. You don’t have to settle for a boring salad or cook at home again.

Get out and try some of the city’s best vegan restaurants. Denver has many options to choose from. Whether you crave vegan pastry or healthy bar food, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place for your palate.

Best Vegan Restaurants – Charlotte

best vegan restaurants Charlotte

Charlotte is the most popular answer when you ask folks from the Tar Heel State where to find the best vegan restaurants. The city has numerous places that offer vegetarian and vegan-only menus, some of which have been around for a long time.

When you’re traveling through Charlotte, don’t waste time searching for one or two plain vegan burgers at classic BBQ joints. The following restaurants make it their mission to offer plant-based menus, including a wide assortment of deep fried mock meat dishes.

1. Ma Ma Wok

Ma Ma Wok may not have started out as a vegan restaurant, but since 2017 its menu has been completely vegan. If you want to dine at one of the best vegan restaurants, Charlotte gives you Ma Ma Wok, opened six days a week.

The menu consists of mostly Chinese dishes, so there will always be a symphony of color and taste on your plate. The menu offers a wide range of rolls, fried rice, soups, and lettuce wraps to choose from. They also have a wide selection of mock meats for pretty much any dish you envision having at a spicy Chinese vegan eatery.

2. Living Kitchen South End

Located on 2000 South Blvd, Suite 300 in Charlotte NC, Living Kitchen serves a wide variety of raw dishes and plenty of smoothies. The restaurant is open every day, but if you’re visiting Charlotte on a Sunday, you might want to get your order in fast as it closes at 3:00pm.

The menu is split into sections containing a health bar, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. For a small taste of what’s in store, you can try the broccoli Waldorf salad, sweet potato sushi roll with avocado, quinoa porridge with fresh coconut meat, or the Rawco taco.

The cuisine is varied and there are plenty of choices as far as appetizers, salads, bowls, and sandwiches. All are vegan-friendly and made with the finest fresh ingredients.

3. Bean Vegan Cuisine

All those who think that vegan cuisine is either tasteless or too pretentious will surely change their mind once they visit one of the best vegan restaurants Charlotte has to offer. Bean Vegan Cuisine is all about American comfort food with a vegan twist.

If you don’t want to eat meat, but you still long for buffalo fingers, burgers, and BBQ, rest assured that the Bean Vegan Cuisine chefs know how to squeeze the most flavor out of tofu, fried cauliflower, soy, and other mock meats in order to present hearty meals every day of the week.

Looking for something extra special? Try the signature bean bowl with steamed kale, ranch dressing, tofu fingers, jasmine rice, sesame seeds, and red beans. If that’s not a mouth-watering combination, we don’t know what is.

4. Madras Cafe

Charlotte offers residents and tourists dishes from all over the world. At Madras Café, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the finest vegan variations of traditional South Indian dishes.

Veggies, tofu, mock meats, and of course the sauces are what make Madras Café stand out. The menu is extensive, so make sure that you’re not in a hurry because you’ll be there a while. It offers everything from chef specials and appetizers to curry specials, drink specials, sandwiches, and more.

To make things even better, this is one of the cheapest places in the city where you can enjoy a hearty vegan meal. Be sure to check this restaurant out on 3130 Driwood Court.

5. Jyoti’s World Cuisine

This place has everything non-meat eaters could ever hope for, including classy and warm dining accommodations and an extensive menu you could revisit every day for months to come.

When eating at Jyoti’s, you’ll be able to choose between vegetarian and vegan dishes from around the world. In addition, the menu is split in two. Part of it is dedicated to Indian Cuisine while the other part contains dishes from different cultures.

The Southern sweet corn soup will always put a smile on your face, while the Manchaow soup brings some spice to the table. Whether you want a North African stew with tofu and tempeh or a Florentine eggplant parmesan, a variety of vegan soups, or sandwiches, Jyoti’s is the place to be when visiting Charlotte.

6. Fern, Flavors from the Garden

If the name of this restaurant isn’t enough of a hint that it’s a vegan joint, then perhaps the menu will be. Sweet Thai chili with breaded cauliflower, kale and collard salad, fingerling potatoes, cucumber and avocado gazpacho—these are just some of the meat-free dishes you can order at the restaurant.

Fern offers a wide assortment of fresh drinks, as well as beers from local microbreweries. If you’re looking to end the meal with a dessert, Fern also makes carrot cake, apple cobbler, and a delicious avocado cacao mousse, which is a hit during romantic evenings.

7. Rico’s Acai

Although not exactly a restaurant, Rico’s Acai food trucks are hotspots for vegans and vegetarians alike. There are four locations in Charlotte where you can go to eat amazing acai bowls and get your natural boost of vitamins.

Even better, you have a wide range of choices for the toppings as well. You’ll see acai packs, blackberries, granola, hemp seed, peanut butter, and more. If you’re in a hurry, looking for fast service and a delicious snack, Rico’s Acai is a great choice.

You can find Rico’s Acai on 510 S. College Street, 917 Pecan Avenue, 223 E 7th Street, or in South Park Mall behind the dining pavilion. All locations are open seven days a week, but the hours might differ.

Final Thought

If you’re traveling through North Carolina, you’ll be able to dine at some of the best vegan restaurants. Charlotte, in particular, has an amazing selection of diners and eateries which serve vegetarian and vegan dishes from various cuisines around the world.

Best Vegan Restaurants – Austin

best vegan restaurants Austin

Texas doesn’t usually come to to mind first when mentioning quality vegan food, but, in reality, amazing new vegan joints are springing up all over the state. If you’re in the Lone Star State’s capital and looking for good places to eat, here are some of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently has.

1. The Beer Plant

The Beer Plant is the city’s first vegan-style gastropub, as they like to put it. The pub serves a variety of quality craft beers, wines, and cocktails, along with a completely vegan food menu. This modern establishment is located on the Windsor Road and usually opens between 3pm and 5pm.

Along with the regular selection of dinner and salad options, vegan sandwiches, and entrees, the menu also features a late night section (served Monday – Saturday from 10pm to midnight). Some of patrons’ favorites include mac and cheese, the Blacksmith Burger, and the Beer Plant Curry Plate. Without a doubt, The Beer Plant is among the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer.

2. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is not a fully vegan restaurant, but it offers a wide palette of vegan dishes. The restaurant is located on West Avenue, and is open every day of the week. True Food opens at 10am and closes around 10pm.

The menu offers a wide selection of delicious vegan options. Some of the most popular items include kale guacamole, the TLT sandwich, and charred cauliflower. The ancient grains and the spicy Panang curry bowls are amazing, as well. The restaurant also offers a wide range of beers and wines.

3. Counter Culture

If you’re in the mood for some vegan-style comfort food, then Counter Culture is your place. This fine eatery offers a 100% vegan menu and a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is located on East Cesar Chavez Avenue, and is one of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently has.

Some of the most prominent items on the menu include the magnificent Jackfruit BBQ, southern baked seitan, and bean quesadilla. If you can’t decide on a particular meal, give their daily pizza a try. The brunch menu is also available on weekends.

4. Capital City Bakery

Capital City Bakery is one of the best places in town if you have a craving for sweets. Their menu is completely vegan and includes a wide variety of tasty treats. The bakery is located near Counter Culture on Eastern Cesar Chavez Avenue, and is open 9am-7pm every day.

The bakery offers a broad selection of desserts—ranging from cupcakes and brownies to full-sized cakes. Cinnamon rolls, rice crispies, and cheesecakes are also on the menu. Capital City Bakery also does custom orders and weddings.

5. Casa de Luz

Although it’s one of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently offers, Casa de Luz is much more than a simple eatery. It is a non-profit organization oriented towards the promotion of healthy eating and healing through plant-based food. They are located on Tomey Road, near the Lamar Street Bridge.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are centered on simple and delicious vegan recipes and change daily. Along with regular meals, Casa de Luz also offers a selection of fantastic desserts made of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

6. Citizen Eatery

Citizen Eatery is one of the hottest new vegan places in Austin. It is a modern restaurant with a focus on fresh, raw ingredients and gluten-free recipes. The eatery is located on the Burnet Road, and is open seven days a week.

Both vegetarian and vegan options make up the menu. Some of the most popular vegan dishes include the Citizen Burger, the vegan Bolognese, and the egg scramble with tofu. Both the service and the food are of stellar quality, earning this restaurant a hearty recommendation.

7. The Vegan Nom

The Vegan Nom is one of the most popular dining places among Austin vegans, and it more than deserves its spot on the list of the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer. This popular eatery is a taco truck located on East Cesar Chavez Avenue. The Nom’s self-proclaimed mission is to save the world with vegan tacos! The truck is open Tuesday to Sunday.

Every item on the menu is completely plant-based, and—with a few exceptions—also gluten-free. If you decide to stop by and have yourself some vegan Mexican street food, make sure to try the quesadillas and nachos, as they’re among the best in town.

8. BBQ Revolution

With BBQ Revolution, the traditional Texas-style barbecue gets a meat-free makeover. This is a trailer-style eatery with some of the finest vegan barbecue meals available in town. They are located on Webberville Road and work Monday to Saturday.

The Mom’s Potato Salad, garbanzo tempeh ribs, and the BBQ combo platter are some of the most popular items on the menu. Make sure to give the smokey curls, coleslaw, and the No Bull brisket a go.

9. The Steeping Room

A huge selection of high-quality teas from around the world puts The Steeping Room on the lists of best tea houses in Texas and the USA. Aside from teas, this restaurant also offers a wide range of healthy dishes. They are located on North Lamar Boulevard.

While not exclusively vegan, The Steeping Room’s menu offers some awesome vegan options. Highlights include the Tao of Green salad, the Napa rolls, and the Mediterranean plate. After the meal, you can treat yourself to one of their delicious cupcakes.

10. Bistro Vonish

Bistro Vonish is another food truck eatery centered on vegan food. Don’t let the style fool you, because Bistro Vonish specializes in fancy, upscale dishes. They are located on the North Loop and are open from Tuesday to Sunday. The menu changes daily, so no two days are the same at Bistro Vonish.

Their BBQ seitan sandwich, tofu scramble, and black garlic bruschetta are absolute crowd favorites. The cinnamon rolls and the mousseline chocolate pie are popular dessert options.

11. Arlo’s

Arlo’s is one of Austin’s most prominent food trucks, as well as a local vegan favorite eatery. Due to its immense popularity and outstanding food quality, Arlo’s deserves to be named one of the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer.

The truck is located on East 6th Street and offers a vegan take on a wide range of traditional BBQ recipes. Menu highlights include the street taco, the Chipotle Chik’n, and the classic BBQ burger.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hunting for the best vegan restaurants, Austin might be a very pleasant surprise. The city boasts some pretty impressive vegan and vegan-friendly eateries, and they have something for every palate here.

5 Best Vegan Tacos for Breakfast

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Everybody loves tacos. However, in order to eat tacos as a vegan, we sometimes have to get a little creative. A plant-based diet means we have to load up on veggies and find some alternatives to certain taco staples. Of course, that just means our tacos are more colorful and unique! Some recipes for our favorite vegetarian tacos are over on OhMyVeggies, and they cover everything from tofu tacos to lentil tacos. Most of these vegetarian tacos are great options for vegans, but unfortunately, some of them do include things like eggs. As a result, there are only a few viable options for the most important meal of the day: breakfast! Who wouldn’t want to eat tacos for breakfast? Some people think that to be healthy they should eat less and just skip their first meal, but in actuality, you need to eat a good breakfast. In order to jump start your morning, we’re here to give you some vegan and vegetarian tacos recipes for the best vegan tacos for breakfast! Continue Reading…

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