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Super-Quick Veggie Burger and Gazpacho Dinner

Quick vegan burger and gazpacho dinner

Here’s a fast and tasty dinner featuring vegan burgers, a spicy cool soup, and cute little potatoes, all ready in 20 minutes — a half hour tops if you move really, really slowly. With so many tasty and healthful prepared veggie burgers to choose from, we’re of the mind that there’s no point in making them from scratch. Use your favorite, or explore other varieties in this list of Here’s a great rundown on some of the best vegan store-bought veggie burgers.

Brilliant 4-Ingredient Gazpacho uses the brilliant shortcut (if we do say so ourselves) of fresh salsa — not the kind that comes in jars, but the type you’ll find in the refrigerated section of your supermarket’s produce department. It already has tiny bits and pieces of most everything you’d find in gazpacho, already cut into tiny bits and pieces. Continue Reading…

Vegan Italian Meatball Sub Dinner

Vegan meatball sub dinner

If you’re looking for something familiar, hearty, and comforting for the evening meal, our vegan Italian meatball sub dinner might be just the thing. It’s made with our healthy (and sneaky) vegan meatball hack — a clever way to make these tasty bites almost instantly and without questionable processed soy.

Since the vegan meatball sub skews toward bread-y comfort food, let’s make sure to add plenty of vegetables to the plate. Fresh asparagus and broccoli slaw add very little work to the mix and go so nicely with the sub. Continue Reading…

Pesto and Mushroom-Stuffed Sweet Potato Dinner

Pesto and Mushroom-Stuffed sweet potato dinner

This Pesto and Mushroom-Stuffed Sweet Potato dinner is a beautiful, blissfully easy vegan meal idea that doesn’t require you to follow any recipes. Among our 6 Fantastic Ways to Stuff Sweet Potatoes, this centerpiece stuffed potato is my absolute favorite. There’s something about the mildly briny pesto combined with the smooth sweet potato and earthy mushrooms that goes beyond each of these three already-delicious components. Continue Reading…

20-Minute Lentil Curry Dinner

15-Minute Lentil curry dinner

Not long ago, we served up a 15-minute Chickpea Masala Dinner, made easy by using a prepared Indian simmer sauce. Here for your dinnertime pleasure is an all-vegan 20-minute lentil curry dinner that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do!

At Vegan Food Hacks, we’ve fallen in love with Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauces (our review here, where you can see which varieties are dairy-free). Because much as we love authentic Indian flavors, we’re way too lazy to roast and grind and measure and mix the proper way.
Continue Reading…

15-Minute Chickpea Masala Dinner

In my review of Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauces, I admit to how lazy I am about roasting and grinding and mixing and measuring all the myriad spices that add up to the amazing flavors of Indian cuisine. And how I’m so done with simply dumping curry powder into Indian-style dishes now that I’ve discovered this brand’s line of luscious, complex sauces. They make anything taste like it came from the finest Indian restaurant.

If you’re craving Indian flavors and want dinner in a hurry (without doing take-out — again!), you’re in luck. This entire dinner, built around an effortless Chickpea Masala, takes 15 minutes to make — even if you’re moving like a sloth after a long busy day. Continue Reading…

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