A list of contributors to VegKitchen is compiled below. Note: Only those who have published at least 3 articles are included in this list.

Michelle Honeyager (18)

Michelle Lovrine Honeyager is a freelance writer living in Southeastern Wisconsin. You can find out more about her at

Kate Wilke (11)

Kate Wilke is the content manager at 301brands, and she's the managing editor of When she's not paddle boarding or skiing, she's informing someone about global warming (or cats) over a local double IPA. Follow her on Instagram — @kateewilke

James Pegler (9)

James Pegler is a Chef and writer. originally from northern California, James now lives in Nashville, TN. Nutrition, health, history, cooking, and writing are his passions.

Wyatt Redd (6)

Wyatt is a writer and your friend. You can follow him on Twitter @WyattRedd.

Jessica Walrack (6)

Jessica Walrack is a gal from California who loves to write. She has been freelance writing for 4 years while traveling the world. Jessica specializes in travel, fashion. health, and all things beauty-related.

Jenna Kilpinen (3)

Jenna is a contributor for 301 Digital Media in Nashville, TN. When she isn't reading or taking photos, she makes YouTube videos about her life. Follow her online @jennaclarek

Preston Hemmerich (3)

Preston Hemmerich is a freelance writer. He enjoys writing about food, politics, travel and sad attempts at humor.

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