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9 Proven Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea in box

Rooibos tea has gained popularity in America in recent years, as many want to take advantage of its many proven health benefits. The tea comes from the shrub Aspalathus Linearis, which is only found on the slopes of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. While locals have been drinking this tea for hundreds of years, it only began being commercially traded in 1904, according to WebMD. It has a mild and aromatic taste; however, most drink it for its plethora of health benefits.

It’s quite popular in Japan, Germany, Holland and England. According to WebMD, the tea has 50 times more antioxidants than green tea. These antioxidants are known to thwart free radicals in the body that can damage cells and cause cancer. It’s also rich in Vitamin C, low in tannins and may ease digestive problems. Other studies have shown the tea may help strengthen the bones and teeth preventing osteoporosis, fractures and other related illnesses. Many women in Japan drink this tea for its positive effect on the skin and hair. It has been known to clear skin of acne and prevent wrinkles. Because it’s caffeine free, it may be drunk without limit and won’t affect sleep cycles or cause insomnia as with some other popular teas. Finally, locals have even used it as a substitute for milk in colicky babies.

Give the Body a Boost
Anyone who has ever suffered from asthma, skin issues, eczema, insomnia, bone weakness or hypertension may want to consider drinking rooibos tea. The United States Department of Agriculture has confirmed many of the health benefits of drinking rooibos tea including its ability to reduce the risk of various types of cancer, heart disease and premature aging. It’s also a great tea to drink when suffering from stomach cramps or other digestive problems. Furthermore, the tea is rich in minerals that may help boost the immune system and keep the body healthy. It contains calcium, iron, potassium, copper, fluoride, manganese, magnesium, zinc and alpha hydroxy acid.

Rooibos Tea

  1. Anti-inflammatory
    Roobios tea is rich in polyphenols including aspalathin and nothofagin, which are two polyphenol antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect the body by fighting free radicals or unstable cells that attack healthy cells to stabilize themselves. The polyphenols in rooibos tea have anti-inflammatory properties, which assists in preventing heart related illnesses. Finally, the antiviral properties of polyphenols provide an added boost to the immune system, which helps protect the body from common colds, viruses and the flu.
  1. Relieves Hypertension
    Rooibos tea is a natural remedy to help relieve and prevent hypertension. It works by lowering the blood pressure. Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, occurs when too much blood is forced against the artery walls within the body. This may lead to health issues including heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about one-third of Americans suffer from hypertension. As a result, many people may benefit from drinking rooibos tea to assist with their hypertension.
  1. Aids the Respiratory System
    Rooibos tea is a bronchodilator. A bronchodilator is a substance that dilates the bronchi and bronchioles, and in doing so, it increases airflow to the lungs making breathing easier. With the decrease of resistance in the respiratory airway, drinkers of rooibos tea will get the added boost of preventing common cardiovascular diseases including atheroschelorsis and heart attacks. It may also help combat the symptoms of asthma.
  1. Good for the Bones and Teeth
    Rooibos tea is rich in several minerals including manganese, calcium and fluoride. These minerals promote healthy bones and teeth. As a result, drinking rooibos tea may help prevent common health conditions including joint pain, osteoporosis and arthritis. Manganese works by stimulating enzymes in the body used to help build more bone mass and repair damage. Fluoride is important when maintaining healthy teeth and is even found in most toothpastes and mouthwashes. Finally, calcium is important for healthy, strong bones and teeth.
  1. Boosts the Digestive Tract
    Rooibos tea is also rich in antispasmodic agents that activate potassium ions in the body. These agents help ease stomach cramps, abdominal pain and aid digestion. The tea may also be used as a natural remedy to irritable bowel syndrome. The antispasmodic agents help the digestive tract by smoothing out muscles in the gut. To get the most out of this effect, sufferers should drink a cup of this tea about 30 minutes prior to a meal they believe may trigger digestive problems.

Rooibos Tea in spoon

  1. Helps Prevent Type II Diabetes
    Rooibos tea contains aspalathin, which has a hypoglycemic effect on the body. Aspalathin is a rare type of antioxidant that helps balance blood sugar and improves insulin resistance in the body. It may also promote glucose absorption in the muscles. These effects may help prevent drinkers from developing type II Diabetes. This is because the nutrient prevents the spikes in blood sugar that may cause type II Diabetes. Those with a family history of diabetes may especially benefit from drinking this type of tea.
  1. Promotes Healthy Hair
    Rooibos tea is rich in several important minerals required for hair growth. This includes zin, calcium, copper and potassium. Regularly consuming rooibos tea may help increase hair growth and strengthen hair fibers, so hair grows healthy and strong. The tea may also help prevent hair loss, as its active ingredients help remove dead skin cells that may block hair follicles and prevent hair from growing. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects of the tea may help relieve the symptoms of dandruff by soothing the scalp. The tea is rich in polyphenols, and these ingredients promote shiny, soft hair and protect against sun damage.
  1. Improves Blood Circulation
    Many Americans suffer from poor blood circulation, which may lead to serious health issues including a heart attack. Roobios tea contains chrysoeriols, which is a flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This compound aids blood circulation and has been linked to reducing cholesterol. It does this by preventing the activity of certain enzymes that are known to trigger cardiovascular diseases.

Article by Aimable Johnson, from Dieting Well. Reprinted by permission.

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136 comments on “9 Proven Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea



  2. Rosemary

    I started drinking RedBush tea a few months ago. I’m reading here where it can help prevent Type II diabetes. I learned just week that I have Type II diabetes. 🙁

  3. Fauzia Taylor

    I have been drinking Rooibos for 22 years and i will tell you i look 10 years younger and feel amazing as all the health problems I have growing up as a child have been more manageable since i started taking it..heart murmur, Asthma, fatigue, and many more it is not a cure it is something to boost and help with your condition what ever it is…it will help..and remember everyone is different so its effects can be immediate or long term but I know it works..and as for the dose i have it every day as many cups as i want and i love it if i am addicted to it what harm is it doing when it is so good for you…if you havent tried it then do so and you will know how i feel..

  4. Dominique Caron

    We love rooibos tea been drinking for a few years. We love it before bed plain and simple

  5. C. Greenland

    I’ve been drinking rooibos tea for over 5 years and am amazed at the benefits it has given to me. The overall effect has been transformative.

  6. Blanca

    I suffer from allergies and it was recommended to help alleviate them. I just started drinking it for about a week now and it taste good with our any sugars. I am reading all about it and look forward to some allergy relief.

  7. Farrah

    I thought fluoride was bad for you is there a natural or a human made fluoride? are different… sorry if the question sounds stupid I am still learning about tea’s

  8. Carey

    I am curious about fluoride. Is it natural in the tea or added? Where would u buy a raw version to brew?

  9. David

    The fluoride is natural and yes fluoride is bad when ingested. I drink a lot of Rooibos regardless as I think the benefit outweighs the negatives.

  10. Dr Chinwe Onuselogu

    I Have started drinking rooibos tea about a month ago and I have seen a lot of improvements in my body.In fact,my skin is glowing and I am looking younger than my age.Thanks to rooibos tea.

  11. John

    Flouride is a poison no matter how it occurs, for me it’s the only reason why I don’t drink Rooibos every day.

    It is a great tea though and I do enjoy it several times a week. As I don’t like caffeine it’s a nice option as a hot beverage on cold mornings.

  12. precoous nondywana

    I only started to drink rooibos last momth. I am enjoying the taste of rooibos

  13. Lauren

    Rooibos tea is my life! I simply have to have a cup every single morning and in the evening before bed. I use the ingredients inside the sachet as a facial as I mix it with coconut oil and apply it to my face and keave for 10mins then rinse. Most amazing thing ever. i suggest drinking rooibos to anyone from all ages!!!! From a baby to a senior. Love love love all its benefits to my skin and healthy digestive system.

  14. Jeannette

    Last week I stumbled upon Rooibos- tea while browsing on the healthy living tips website. I ordered 8oz because my hair is falling at an alarming rate, and I read the tea helps regrow hair.I\’m still waiting for my order.

  15. Kelly

    Farrah, I am a dental hygienist. No, fluoride is not bad for you. I have several patients who, unless they brushed with fluoridated toothpaste, drank fluoridated water, and took a fluoride supplement, would not have teeth at all because they have an enamel defect. Fluoride is good for prevention of dental decay as well. Just like Tylenol is good for headaches. You just don’t take the whole bottle! 😉 A person would have to injest a whole bathtub full of water without excreting any of it, in order to die from drinking fluoridated water. But by then, they would have died from drowning themselves before the fluoride in the water.

    About Rooibos, I just started drinking it and I saw one girl says she sprays her hair with it every day. She’s a redhead like me, so I’ve also started doing that. Can’t wait to enjoy the benefits of nice skin and hair among all the other benefits!

  16. Hello

    Ummm, yep, Fluoride IS B A D for you.

    It makes teeth harder, but brittle.

    It also, when ingested, mottles teeth with white spots (“Fluorosis”) very common in todays children…

    It also damages bones and helps to create brittle bone disease…-osteoporosis, as well as encrusts your pituitary gland…not good stuff!

    Google this info! RESEARCH helps to find the truth…

  17. Princess Lynakolyns

    You all better tell the truth about everything. Is Rooibos Tea healthy for human consumption?

  18. Debby

    I use it as a natural face toner every morning. Steep 2 tea bags in a coffee mug then leave in the fridge. I use until the cup is finished. I leave the tea bags in the cup.
    It really helped clear blackheads & pimples. It helped with dryness. My skin looked more radient after a few days. I also wash my face with organic honey. I will never use anything else on my face! Great combination.

  19. Humerosity Man.

    This tea is truly amazing. I have been drinking it for 1000’s of years, and I am beginning to believe it will give you eternal life!

  20. Sue

    I drink the roobis tea at night for my restless legs, don’t know what I would do without it!! Glad to read about all of the other benefits

  21. Fred

    started drining it while living in Swaziland- cam back to the states and drink one cup a day
    Dr.Oz featered it as corresponding to weight loss

  22. HM

    I got a box of this tea from someone who knows I love tea. I was hesitant since the box mentioned a hit of vanilla even though the tea was the only ingredient. I took one sip and was moaning with pleasure. After about five minutes of saying, ” Oh my gosh this tea is SO good!” after every sip I left my annoyed husbands side to research what in the world I was drinking. I’m so happy to see not only is it fabulous, it has so many benefits. Really sad to read it has fluoride. I’m anti fluoride and I am cavity free WITHOUT fluoride in my toothpaste and water.

  23. Barbara Moras

    I am a dental hygienist, I have thyroid issues from hyper to hypo and do not use fluoride. Read Dr. Mercola’s article on Fluoride and it should answer all your questions. However I am going to try the tea and see how I feel. If you are looking for something to prevent cavities look up xylitol.

  24. Jen

    I just started drinking rooibos tea hoping it will help my sinus condition (it was recommended for this at the Earth Clinic site). I did a search on fluoride in rooibos, and found this:

    “Unless the tea has been irrigated with fluoridate water (rooibos, green, black etc)you do NOT have to worry about the fluoride content. This is a big scare tactic perpetuated over the last few years with bad information. A lot of the articles claim they contain sodium fluoride but this is not true. Sodium fluoride is a waste product and must be deliberately added to water. What occurs in nature is calcium fluoride. Almost NONE is absorbed and what is absorbed is actually good for bones/teeth. Of course, anything in excess can be harmful but there is no real reason to be afraid of tea.”

    Sounds good to me.

  25. Sash Quatch

    I brew some rooibos (tropical flavour) and then wait until it cools and use that in my morning smoothie. It adds a little extra flavour than just using water and a lot of extra benefits.

  26. Kat

    XYITOL IS POSIONOUS TO DOGS AND SOME OTHER ANIMALS! PLEASE be aware that even a tiny bit of Xyitol can kill a dog and dispose of very carefully!

    Anyone know if rooibos has any toxicity for other than human animals?

  27. Ilana

    I’ve been drinking rooibos since I was an infant. I’m 34 years old and I’m alive and well. No health issues whatsoever and my dentist says my teeth are in perfect condition. Just do it.

  28. Tammy

    I just tried the Rooibos tea from Costco, it’s the good earth brand and it us awesome! The smell is amazing as well as the taste!

  29. Sakie

    There are dangerous things that people drink on daily basis such as alcohol. There is no harm in drinking rooibos tea. My grandfather has been drinking rooibos tea for many years without problems.

  30. Nick

    The article says ‘proven’ benefits. Do you have any links to the peer-reviewed papers in medical journals to support any of these claims? Thank you…

  31. Judi

    I have insomnia due to environmental illness and chemical sensitivities. I discovered quite by accident that rooibos tea helps me sleep, because whenever I happened to drink a cup in the evening, I slept better. Now I drink it intentionally most nights. I have no idea what in the tea helps me sleep, but I am so happy I discovered it!

  32. Cathy

    Just tried my first cup of rooibos tea and I really like it, however was alarmed to see fluoride as an ingredient. I don’t do fluoride. Is this a nature occurring substance from the plant or added? Please be honest!

  33. Nava

    Hi Cathy. this is a really good question! The brand I use, Numi, doesn’t actually list fluoride as an ingredient because a small amount of naturally occurring fluoride is one of the minerals contained in this tea, much the same way as calcium and magnesium. I do find it odd that it’s listed as an ingredient, though. The naturally occurring fluoride is probably very different than the sodium fluoride added to drinking water and toothpastes — yet has similar benefits of protecting the bones and teeth. Do a google search on “rooibos tea fluoride” but do be aware that there is a lot of misinformation on the web. Compare several articles, and make the decision you feel is right for you!

  34. Rooibos NE

    Its a great tea. Started drinking it while in S.A. and continued it when back in the states. I have been drinking it on a regular basis. Atleast 2-3 times per day for the last 8 years. Apart from great taste, it helps me sleep better.

  35. Annie

    Just read up on this today
    I am a green tea fanatic
    Really looking forward to giving this rooibos tea a trial

  36. chaka

    I started drinking this tea and now my liver enzymes are high. My doctor seems to think it is this tea!! She has asked me to stop drinking it and will be retesting my blood. Noticed another reader said he had liver issues too. Anyone else had this problem??

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