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Vegan vegetable pesto pizza

Basil Pesto

Bold-flavored pesto sauce is arguably the most celebrated use for basil. Here’s a basic recipe, just right for a good-sized amount of your favorite pasta. It’s also good used…

Cashew Butter Sauce

Cashew butter saauce is one of the most luscious, versatile sauces in my repertoire—it tastes great on sweet potatoes, grains, vegetables, and noodles. Adapted from Vegan Express. Photo by Susan…

Marinara pasta sauce recipe

Classic Marinara Sauce

There are many excellent pasta sauces on the market, and they can’t be beat for convenience. But they can’t compare to a homemade marinara, and the wonderful aroma that…

lemon-pepper tofu

Quick Tartar Sauce

This super-easy cold sauce made with just three ingredients — vegan mayo, relish, and mustard — is perfect for simple sautéed or grilled tofu or tempeh recipes.…

Basic Chinese Sauce

Here’s a go-to sauce for veggie stir-fries. I recommend putting it together before you start the stir-fry, then adding it once the vegetables are just done. Start your stir-fry…

Quinoa Fritters with Duck Sauce

Easy Duck Sauce

This easy duck sauce recipe is sweet, salty, and pungent, made with unsweetened stone fruit preserves. It’s perfect for spring rolls and dumplings, and we put “duck” in quotes,…

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