Vegan in 2016: Brands & Trends You Should Know About

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In a society that promotes unhealthy eating in the form of deep-fried fast food, eating vegan is no easy task. Discipline is difficult if close friends and family don’t support you. However, vegan has finally entered the mainstream and brands now cater to this healthy and more sustainable lifestyle. So which brands should you look at in 2016 for vegan products? Here’s the lowdown.

Mainstream Data

In the past, brands that provided vegan products had a small market share of 6 percent of the United States population. However, Eric Pierce, the director of strategy and insights at New Hope Natural Media, which is the host of Natural Products Expo West, says data supports a shift in consumer preference. In fact, research suggests 36 percent of Americans prefer milk alternatives, like soy, rice, coconut and almond milk. Vegan products also appeal to 7 percent of Americans who identify as vegetarian, which expands the market even further. Research, says Pierce, even shows that up to 41 percent of Americans have eaten less meat over the last 12 months, instead choosing alternative protein sources such as tofu. If you’re looking to transition to a vegan lifestyle, check out our tips right here on VegKitchen. So what are brands doing with this all this data?

German Vegan Shop Comes Stateside

Jan Bredack went vegan in 2009, and as a German who lived in Berlin, discovered very quickly how difficult veganism was in a country famous for its meats. So Bredack opened Veganz, a vegan supermarket. Since the first shop in Berlin, he’s open two more Veganz in Berlin. Then the chain quickly spread to Munich, Hamburg, and many other major cities in Germany, before opening markets in London, Barcelona, Vienna and other European cities. In 2016, Veganz will open in the United States. While the first Veganz market will open in Portland, Oregon, the homeland of American veganism, don’t be surprised when one opens near you, as statistics support the obvious demand for more such stores in the United States.

Vegan Brands & Brands Going Vegan

It’s difficult enough to find vegan foods when you go out with friends, it’s doubly hard to find drinks on a weekend night. But in 2016, Guinness, the Ireland-based brew company, has vegan plans. The brand will discontinue the use of isinglass, a fish-based product, in its Extra Stout. This isn’t a surprise, as Guinness has been innovative in other ways too, like nitrogenating its first-ever IPA. Hopefully soon, all its beers will be vegan, but for now, look for the Guinness Extra Stout in 2016.

Another brand that will make vegan eating easier in 2016 is Quorn. The meatless UK food producer will release a vegan food line in 2016. Quorn products can also be found across the United States, which makes this shift in vegan food production a win for vegetarians and vegans alike.

With national food producers and breweries providing vegan alternatives means it’s easier to eat vegan than ever before, and as consumers continue to support this trend, it will only get easier in 2016.

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    January 10, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    this is wonderful news to me. I would like to bring to your attention that personally I am not looking for vegan food that copies the taste of flesh foods…I prefer enhancing the natural flavors of the plant food, not an animal. There are too many attempts at making vegan food taste like carnivore food and they fail to make the movement complete which is to evolve away from the eating of flesh amongst other reasons.

  • Reply
    Dr. Georgie, ND
    December 13, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    Susan is absolutely correct. The word vegan supposed to denote MORE THAN JUST A DIET; it a moral philosphy as to how to live on this Earth.
    But it true many meat eater are very addicted to blood; which has glucose, and meat which has saturated fat and cholesterol, which our bodies has come to learn it for SURVIVAL, glucose, fat for famine and cholesterol for steroid hormone, especially for cortisol; the stress hormone.
    Meat alternatives are helpful for TRANSITION, but I must admit after 18 years being a born again vegan, I still crave for some phoney hot dog with mustard once in couple of years.

  • Reply
    Lawrence Kopp
    April 2, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    I respect attempt,to leave flesh and animal components,off of the plate and out of ones life.Regardless of the degree of processing.We can always improve,as it is far better than the bloody alternatives.

  • Reply
    Lawrence Kopp
    April 2, 2017 at 6:54 pm


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