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10 Best Vegan Restaurants – Boston

best vegan restaurants Boston

If you’re a dedicated vegan, where do you go to eat when in Boston? The city is swimming with art and culture, but does its culinary scene have the range to satisfy someone on a plant-based diet?

You won’t be surprised to learn that the city has some of the country’s best vegan restaurants. Boston has a lot to offer. From your basic veggie bowls to fine dining, this city has no shortage of culinary delights.

Check out the best vegan restaurants Boston has to offer. If you haven’t gone vegan yet, these restaurants just might convince you.

1. Whole Heart Provisions

If you’re craving a veggie bowl, Whole Heart Provisions has you covered. With two convenient locations and a third soon to be open in Harvard Square, Whole Heart is providing Boston with yummy plant-based meals no matter where you are in the city.

Check out one of their signature bowls, like the Kaya Special. The bowl is packed with veggie goodness like red cabbage slaw and roasted broccoli. You can also challenge your creativity and make your own bowl.

There are a few places to dine in, but if you’re new to the city, you can grab something to go while sightseeing.

2. Grasshopper Restaurant

If you’re looking for a vegan Chinese restaurant, look no further than the Grasshopper Restaurant. Even vegans get cravings for Chinese food, and you can indulge them—and more—at this Boston staple.

From spring rolls and seitans to stir-fries and lo mein, this place has every single Chinese food staple you know and love. Better yet—because all the dishes are vegan—you can eat all your favorite food guilt-free! That fact alone makes it one of the best vegan restaurants Boston has to offer.

3. Vegan Galaxy

A classic American diner with vegetarian leanings? What more can you ask for? If you are on the lookout for good old-fashioned diner food, but don’t want to break your strict vegan diet, look no further than Veggie Galaxy.

Sure, some of the menu items are merely vegetarian and not vegan, but there are still a lot of options to choose from. Order the Mac N’ Stack burger with crispy fried seitan chick’n and tempeh bacon, or snack on an order of vegan mozzarella sticks.

Their on-site bakery is 100% vegan, too. If Veggie Galaxy isn’t already on your list of the best vegan restaurants Boston has to offer, it will be as soon as you sample some of their plant-based specialties.

4. My Thai Vegan Café

Any list of the best vegan restaurants Boston has to offer would be incomplete without at least one Southeast Asian restaurant. Make no mistake, though, as My Thai Vegan Café isn’t your ordinary vegan eatery.

Pick up a veggie curry or a fried taro root bird’s nest filled with veggie beef or veggie chicken and an assortment of vegetables. They even have vegan desserts like a chocolate frosted layer cake or carrot cake with faux cream cheese frosting to top off your dinner nicely.

5. Cuong’s Vegan Sandwiches

Sometimes all you need is a good sandwich and Cuong’s Vegan Sandwiches may be just the place. The sandwiches here feature everything from deep-fried tofu to massaman curry.

If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, you can try a spicy green papaya salad or spring rolls instead. And don’t forget your bubble tea! With 19 flavors to choose from, there is something for every palate here.

6. FoMu

FoMu is technically not a restaurant, but an all-vegan ice cream parlor with cafes at certain locations. Still, it definitely deserves a place on any list of the city’s best vegan restaurants. Boston has a rich culinary scene, and what better way to flaunt it than with tasty vegan desserts.

Check out their array of ice cream flavors from chocolate pudding to salted caramel. If you’d rather have an ice cream sandwich, they have those, too. And if you aren’t in the mood for ice cream at all, they also have a variety of vegan baked goods for any sweet tooth.

7. True Bistro

If you’re looking for vegan fine dining, you may want to head on over to True Bistro. With its white brick walls and white tablecloths, this eatery provides a nice contemporary backdrop for their plant-based menu.

Their menus are subject to change seasonally, but make sure to check out the saffron ravioli with cashew cheese if you can. Another great option is the Vietnamese mushroom crepe.

If brunch is more your thing, visit True Bistro on the weekends when they feature tofu scrambles and seitan burgers that make your mouth water.

8. Walnut Grille

Situated in the suburbs outside the city proper, you’ll find the Walnut Grille. This restaurant features classic American comfort food options with a vegan twist. When you want food that tastes just like home, you may want to head over to the Walnut Grille.

Don’t miss their vegetable lasagna or the Tuscan fig and oyster mushroom pizza. Most vegetarian items on the menu can also be ordered vegan and gluten-free. They even have healthy meal options specially designed for kids.

9. The Red Lentil

The Red Lentil is another foodie gem you can’t miss. Serving vegan and vegetarian fare since 2009, this eatery is one of the best vegan restaurants Boston has to offer.

Try their vegan nachos to share as an appetizer, or go straight for their Jamaican jerk tempeh or rustic paella. Who says vegan offerings are boring? At The Red Lentil, you can find vegan takes on some popular international dishes.

Vegans with food allergies will also be happy to know that the menu specifies items that contain nuts, gluten, and soy.

10. All Star Pizza Bar

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean that you should miss out. When you get a craving for a delicious pie, head down to All Star Pizza Bar.

This pizzeria features hand-crafted pizzas for your entire party. There are meat, vegetarian, and—of course—vegan signature pizzas to choose from. You can also get creative and build your own pie.

With two convenient locations in the city, there’s no doubt that this is one of the best vegan restaurants Boston has for vegan pizza lovers to satisfy their food craving.

Final Thought

Whether it’s fine dining or classic American comfort food, Boston has a variety of vegan restaurants to hit the spot. Even if you aren’t vegan, these eateries are so good that they might make you change your mind about plant-based diets.

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