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Best Vegan Restaurants – Austin

best vegan restaurants Austin

Texas doesn’t usually come to to mind first when mentioning quality vegan food, but, in reality, amazing new vegan joints are springing up all over the state. If you’re in the Lone Star State’s capital and looking for good places to eat, here are some of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently has.

1. The Beer Plant

The Beer Plant is the city’s first vegan-style gastropub, as they like to put it. The pub serves a variety of quality craft beers, wines, and cocktails, along with a completely vegan food menu. This modern establishment is located on the Windsor Road and usually opens between 3pm and 5pm.

Along with the regular selection of dinner and salad options, vegan sandwiches, and entrees, the menu also features a late night section (served Monday – Saturday from 10pm to midnight). Some of patrons’ favorites include mac and cheese, the Blacksmith Burger, and the Beer Plant Curry Plate. Without a doubt, The Beer Plant is among the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer.

2. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is not a fully vegan restaurant, but it offers a wide palette of vegan dishes. The restaurant is located on West Avenue, and is open every day of the week. True Food opens at 10am and closes around 10pm.

The menu offers a wide selection of delicious vegan options. Some of the most popular items include kale guacamole, the TLT sandwich, and charred cauliflower. The ancient grains and the spicy Panang curry bowls are amazing, as well. The restaurant also offers a wide range of beers and wines.

3. Counter Culture

If you’re in the mood for some vegan-style comfort food, then Counter Culture is your place. This fine eatery offers a 100% vegan menu and a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant is located on East Cesar Chavez Avenue, and is one of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently has.

Some of the most prominent items on the menu include the magnificent Jackfruit BBQ, southern baked seitan, and bean quesadilla. If you can’t decide on a particular meal, give their daily pizza a try. The brunch menu is also available on weekends.

4. Capital City Bakery

Capital City Bakery is one of the best places in town if you have a craving for sweets. Their menu is completely vegan and includes a wide variety of tasty treats. The bakery is located near Counter Culture on Eastern Cesar Chavez Avenue, and is open 9am-7pm every day.

The bakery offers a broad selection of desserts—ranging from cupcakes and brownies to full-sized cakes. Cinnamon rolls, rice crispies, and cheesecakes are also on the menu. Capital City Bakery also does custom orders and weddings.

5. Casa de Luz

Although it’s one of the best vegan restaurants Austin currently offers, Casa de Luz is much more than a simple eatery. It is a non-profit organization oriented towards the promotion of healthy eating and healing through plant-based food. They are located on Tomey Road, near the Lamar Street Bridge.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are centered on simple and delicious vegan recipes and change daily. Along with regular meals, Casa de Luz also offers a selection of fantastic desserts made of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

6. Citizen Eatery

Citizen Eatery is one of the hottest new vegan places in Austin. It is a modern restaurant with a focus on fresh, raw ingredients and gluten-free recipes. The eatery is located on the Burnet Road, and is open seven days a week.

Both vegetarian and vegan options make up the menu. Some of the most popular vegan dishes include the Citizen Burger, the vegan Bolognese, and the egg scramble with tofu. Both the service and the food are of stellar quality, earning this restaurant a hearty recommendation.

7. The Vegan Nom

The Vegan Nom is one of the most popular dining places among Austin vegans, and it more than deserves its spot on the list of the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer. This popular eatery is a taco truck located on East Cesar Chavez Avenue. The Nom’s self-proclaimed mission is to save the world with vegan tacos! The truck is open Tuesday to Sunday.

Every item on the menu is completely plant-based, and—with a few exceptions—also gluten-free. If you decide to stop by and have yourself some vegan Mexican street food, make sure to try the quesadillas and nachos, as they’re among the best in town.

8. BBQ Revolution

With BBQ Revolution, the traditional Texas-style barbecue gets a meat-free makeover. This is a trailer-style eatery with some of the finest vegan barbecue meals available in town. They are located on Webberville Road and work Monday to Saturday.

The Mom’s Potato Salad, garbanzo tempeh ribs, and the BBQ combo platter are some of the most popular items on the menu. Make sure to give the smokey curls, coleslaw, and the No Bull brisket a go.

9. The Steeping Room

A huge selection of high-quality teas from around the world puts The Steeping Room on the lists of best tea houses in Texas and the USA. Aside from teas, this restaurant also offers a wide range of healthy dishes. They are located on North Lamar Boulevard.

While not exclusively vegan, The Steeping Room’s menu offers some awesome vegan options. Highlights include the Tao of Green salad, the Napa rolls, and the Mediterranean plate. After the meal, you can treat yourself to one of their delicious cupcakes.

10. Bistro Vonish

Bistro Vonish is another food truck eatery centered on vegan food. Don’t let the style fool you, because Bistro Vonish specializes in fancy, upscale dishes. They are located on the North Loop and are open from Tuesday to Sunday. The menu changes daily, so no two days are the same at Bistro Vonish.

Their BBQ seitan sandwich, tofu scramble, and black garlic bruschetta are absolute crowd favorites. The cinnamon rolls and the mousseline chocolate pie are popular dessert options.

11. Arlo’s

Arlo’s is one of Austin’s most prominent food trucks, as well as a local vegan favorite eatery. Due to its immense popularity and outstanding food quality, Arlo’s deserves to be named one of the best vegan restaurants Austin has to offer.

The truck is located on East 6th Street and offers a vegan take on a wide range of traditional BBQ recipes. Menu highlights include the street taco, the Chipotle Chik’n, and the classic BBQ burger.

Final Thoughts

If you’re hunting for the best vegan restaurants, Austin might be a very pleasant surprise. The city boasts some pretty impressive vegan and vegan-friendly eateries, and they have something for every palate here.

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